Wsdcam Wireless Vibration Alarm with Remote Control Anti-Theft Alarm Bike/Motorcycle/Vehicle Security Alarm, 110db Loud, Door and Window Alarm

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  • Wireless Vibration Alarm triggered by vibration, suitable for Bikes, Motorcycles, Vehicle, Doors, Windows or anthing you wish to protect, detering thieves effectively by 110dB loud alarm
  • Vibration alarm with remote control, 4 mode--Arm/Disarm/Panic/Doorbell mode conveniently controlled by the remote, remote control range up to 82ft
  • 10 levels adjustable sensitivity from gently touch to push or beat, you can easily set it according to your need
  • Low consumption battery can last longer, the wireless bike alarm system can continuous standby over one year(according to on/off five times a day)
  • Easy operation and installation, installation by pasting with double-sided sticker or tying it with strap

Product Description

Wsdcam wireless bike/motorcycle/door/window security alarm with remote

Wsdcam Wireless Vibration Alarm triggered by vibration, suitable for Bikes, Motorcycles, Vehicle, Doors, Windows or anything you wish to protect, deterring thieves effectively by 110dB loud alarm. (please know this vibration alarm does not need magnetic sensor part because it's NOT a magnetic alarm it's a vibration alarm)

  • Wireless vibration alarms with remote by detecting gentle touch, push or beat (vibration triggered)
  • Remote control range up to 25M
  • 10 levels adjustable sensitivity
  • Add more remotes and alarms. You can program multi remotes for one alarm, also can program one remote for multi alarms.
  • Low-consumption design,which makes it can work at least a year
  • Alarm need two AAA batteries to operate ( not included )
  • Remote need a 12V/27A alkaline batteries to operate ( included )
  • 4 Mode-- Arm/Disarm/Panic/Doorbell mode
  • Not only a safety/antitheft alarm, but also a Doorbell, in doorbell mode, the vibration alarmdetects vibration the host sound"Dingdong"
  • Low battery warning
  • Package Size: 4.2*2.5*1.5 inch, Package Weight: 71g

Package Including:

1* Alarm, 1* Remote Control, 1* User Manual

10 Levels Adjustable Sensitivity

The factory default is the highest sensitivity (the first level). Please set it before use according to your need.
1. Press and hold the Disarm key of the remote control (Ignore the prompt tone). The remote control's LED turns off for about 3 seconds and lights up again after 3 seonds, then release the Disarm key and press the doorbell key to adjust the sensitivity level.
2. When it's in the highest sensitivity, the alarm will sound a long "Bi......". Press the
doorbell key once, the sensitivety level turns to the next level and the alarm sound a short "Bi......". When it's in the tenth level, if press one more time, it turns to the first level. The higher the level the less sensitive.

Remote Control 4 Mode

  • Arm key: Press it, once triggered, alarm will bell 110db voice.
  • Disarm key: Press it, the arm status or loud voice will stop.
  • SOS key: Press it, the alarm will bell 110db voice though alarm is not triggered. This function will be very helpful when someone is in danger or need emergent help.
  • Doorbell key: Press it, once triggered, it will bell "dingdong" to alert you someone is coming in.

Please Note

1) You would better install the vibration alarm in somewhere get away from the rain/hot sun. For example, under the bicycle seat. Or it better to put the vibartion alarm in a plastic bag before you install it.

2) The internal vibration sensor is located at horizontal position, we recommend you install it in a horizontal direction to obtain a best effect.

3) Please know that the vibration alarm is not included door sensor because it does not need.

Simple Installation

Vibration Alarm come with double-sided adhesive, just peel and stick to install them on bicycle, motorcycle, doors, windows or anywhere.

Pair More Alarms &Remotes

Take batteries out of alarm

Put batteries into alarm, long press bell button on remote immediately

Press arm key once after you hear "Bi", alarm will sound two "Bi.Bi". Done

Multipurpose Use

Not only suitable for Bikes, Motorcycles, Vehicle, but also designed for home, single apartment, rental housing, office, hotel, shop, mall and residential house.

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