GHG Automatic Cat Feeder, 4L Auto Pet Food Dispenser with Stainless Steel Bowl, Desiccant Bag, Programmable Portion Timed Control 1-6 Meals Per Day, 10s Voice Recorder for Small Medium Cats and Dogs

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  • Timed Feeding - Automatic dog feeder up to 6 meals daily with 1-40 portions(5g each), Large food tank with 4L capacity. This will also help stop your pet from overeating, controlling their weight and giving them a healthier life habit.
  • Voice Recorder - Press and hold the “record” button to begin recording 10s voice information, making your pets friend fed regularly and feel safe with well cared. Then can repeat play your voice three times while calling your pet to come and enjoy their mealtime.
  • Easy Programmed - The small LED display with only four buttons can be programmed quickly and clearly. After three minutes, the screen will be locked automatically. Long press the “unlock” button and hear two “beeps” to unlock the button.
  • Dual Power Supply - Use the 5V DC adapter while sustaining the auto cat feeder power via three D batteries(not included) installed in case of power outages, ensure that your pet gets food consistently.
  • Double Button Lock - Top double button lock cover can prevent pets from changing settings using their paws and opening the top cover to overthrow the food. Also can to keep dry food crunchy, flavorful and secure. Food tank and tray are removable for cleaning.

Product Description

Have a Good Rest & Holiday at Ease

The easy-to-program automatic feeder allows you to feed your pet easily when you are resting or going out. No worrying about who fed your pet or whether your cat will be fed on time. At the same time, the GHG automatic feeder will provide food for your pet on time according to the time and portion you set. Bring you a more relaxed and comfortable life.

The GHG automatic feeder uses an LED screen for programming. The button will light up and can hear “beep” during setting, making it easier to tell whether your setting is successful or not.

Product Features:

  • 4L Food Tank
  • Auto Feeder 6 Meals Per Day
  • Up to 40 Portions Can Be Set / Meal
  • 5g / Meal
  • 10s of Unique Recording
  • Dual Power Supply
  • Removable And Easy To Clean

Setting Time

(1)Long press "Setting" until the digits start flashing.

(2)Press "+"or"-" to set the correct hour.

(3)short press "Setting " to save.

(4)Repeat to set the minutes.

Feeding Setting

(1)When"-"starts flashing, press "+"or"-" Choose to "Feeding" or "Not Feed".

(2)Once you set" Feeding" for 1st meal, short press "setting" button and repeat step (2) above to set the feeding time.

Portion Setting

(1)The screen will display "F-XX". Then press "+" and "-" to set the portions (up to 40 portions) and then press "setting" again to save.

(2)Repeat for meals 2 through 6. Long press "setting " to save once you set all meals.

Voice Recording And Playback

(1)In standby, press and hold "-"until you hear a "beep" and continue to hold while recording up to 10 seconds.

(2)In standby, long press "-" until you hear a "beep" sound and release immediately to cancel the recording.

Double Button Lock

The double button lock on the top makes the lid firmness and tightness of the automatic feeder better, preventing pets from opening the top lid and food spoiling.

“Locked/Unlocked” Button

In standby, long press “Locked/Unlocked” button, hear the long "beep" to lock the screen. Long press the “Locked/Unlocked” button again and hear two "beeps" to unlock the screen.

Easy to Disassembly & Clean

The top cover, food trough and food bowl of the automatic feeder are all removable for easy cleaning. In order to make your pet healthier, it is recommended to clean the detachable parts and change food frequently.

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