Arrowhead Peak Adjustable Trekking Pole/Walking Stick - 6-In-1 Multi-Functional - Includes Selfie Attachment, KNIFESAW, Compass, Sewing KIT, Fishing KIT, Paracord

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  • SELFIE ATTATCHMENT: Compatible with any smart phone. The pole can double as a SELFIE STICK to get the perfect panoramic shot!
  • SEWING & FISHING KIT: 4" of sewing thread + 2 needles. Allows for emergency repair of clothes, shoes, backpacks and tents. FISHING KIT includes 9 feet of line + hook.
  • PARACORD: 5 foot ultra strong nylon can be used for boot laces, lanyard, fishing line, emergency snare, tying tarps and securing tents.
  • COMPASS: Located on top of grip. Always find your way home with the reliable compass.
  • EVA FOAM GRIP: Comfort ridges with sweat-absorbent, slip resistant groove design is sturdier and more comfortable than cork handle. Adds comfort during hikes and keeps hands cool and dry for longer trips.

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