GLACIER FRESH XWF Replacement for GE XWF Refrigerator Water Filter Pack of 3

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  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • GLACIER FRESH GF-XWF Filter Statement: The materials and construction are in compliance with the NSF42 standard. After our laboratory tested, GF-XWF refrigerator water filter to remove 97.9% chlorine and improves water’s smell and taste.
  • Compatible General Electric Refrigerator Model: XWF GE Filter that fits select GE French Door and Side-by-Side refrigerators manufactured after June 2018. Applicable to models starting with GBE21, GDE21, GDE25, GFE24, GFE26, GNE21, GNE25, GNE27, GNE27, GWE19, GYE18, QNE27, GSE25, GSS23, GSS25, GZS22, PSE25, CZS22.
  • Offers A Precise, Leak-proof Fit: This XWF water filter ge appliances tool-free, no-mess ge xwf refrigerator water filter replacement. Approved and tested by WQA, the USA Water Qualification Association, using only high-grade coconut carbon blocks to absorb bad containment.
  • 6 Months Filter Life: For best filtration results, ge xwf water filter cartridge should be replaced every six months or 200 gallons. Safer drinking, GLACIER FRESH that protect whole family.

Product Description

NSF 42 certified to Conforms the material and structural integrity requirements.

GLACIER FRESH filters are tested and certified by NSF International, a respected independent product testing organization dedicated to public health and safety.

The following claims have not been tested and certified by NSF

Also, if you find that our products have not passed NSF/42 Certification, you can apply for a ten-fold claim for the purchase amount.

  • *Certificate C0396060, by NSF International, 2019.

GLACIER FRESH XWF Refrigerator Water Filter

Compatible with select GE french-door & side by side refrigerators(select models manufactured after June 2018)

GFE24J, PSE25K, GYE18J, PSS28K, GNE25J, PZS22M, GWE19J, GZS22D, CZS22M, GDE21E, GSE23G, GDE25E, GSS23G, GNE21F, GSS23H, GSS25G, GSE25G, GSE25H, GSS25L, GBE21, GDE21, GDE25, GFE24, GFE26, GNE21, GNE25, GNE27, GNE27, GWE19, GYE18, QNE27, GSE25, GSS23, GSS25, GZS22, PSE25, CZS22.

  • NOTE:
  • The perfect replacement water filter.
  • In order to reflect the better filtration effect, every six months with the change, there is a significant reduction in water volume and timely replacement.
  • Replace the old water filter, be careful to play with children to prevent small parts from eating.

Perfect filtering

Multiple filtration effects reduce the damage caused by chlorine, taste and odor, and improve the taste of water.

High-quality Water

Perfect filtration effect and high-quality materials to reduce harmful substances in the water, allowing you to drink cleaner water.

Care for Your Family

Ensure you’ve always got clean water from your refrigerator without worries, bringing wonderful drinking experience to your whole family.

01 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Line up the ports on the filter with the ports on the filter cartridge holder, and gently insert the filter.

02 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Slowly turn the filter to the right until it stops.


03 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Slowly push the filter up into the clips and close the cover.

04 Side by Side Refrigerator

1)Line up the arrow on the filter with the arrow on the filter cartridge holder. Gently push the top of the new filter up inside the holder.

2)Slowly turn the filter to the right until it stops. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

3)Press and hold the RESET WATER FILTER button on the dispenser

for three seconds.

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