LYSIAN Ultra Soft Green Foam Earplugs 60 Pairs with Reusable Silicone Earplug, 38dB SNR Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Work, Travel, Shooting and All Loud Events…

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  • Non-toxic & Soft Material: The earplugs are made of Super Soft and Non-toxic PU Foam (Latex free and PVC free). Slow Rebound Foam Earplugs will fit your ear canal comfortably. You may not realize you're wearing them.
  • Noise Blocking: 38dB SNR (Single Number Rating) and 31dB NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) - They are two different rating systems. This earplugs can meet the needs of noise reduction in different situations.
  • Multiple Uses: The earplugs are great for Sleeping, Working, Studying, Travel, shooting or any environment you need quiet.
  • Package Contents: 60 pairs + 1 waterproof silicone ear plugs. It is convenient and easy for you to use for a long time.
  • One pair reusable silicone ear plugs with one carrying case for gift. Little carrying case is convenient for you to carry earplugs at anywhere.

Product Description


The rebound speed of ear plugs is affected by temperature, the higher the temperature, the faster the rebound. The rebound speed of ear plugs in the ear canal is about 30S, while at room temperature is 45S.


Safety is essential! We added 60 pairs of soft earplugs for sleep - perfect choice for side sleepers. You can fall asleep in any position without thinking about discomfort and external noise. Lysian EarPlugs for Sleep are made of soft and elastic foam, which provide you an extra comfort.


EarPlugs for Working and at the same time for noisy places . Use Lysian noise cancelling ear plugs for Working and any other loudy events In such places there is always very strong noise, which creates stress for your ears. Be one step ahead of others, take care of yourself with noise cancelling ear plugs.


High noise reduction and soft PU earplugs can effectively reduce noise and does not put pressure on the ear. LYSIAN earplugs reduce the noise of shooting and protect your hearing.


LYSIAN earplugs reduce or even isolate the noise when you study, and improve your learning efficiency. This will be helpful to get good grades.





  • TIPS

  1. Please keep it away from fire, sunlight and dampness.
  2. Please keep remaining unused earplugs in seal.
  3. Please wash your hand before use.
  4. Please replace with a new pair after every 5-day use.
  5. New Earplugs may have a little smell that is harmless.

  • Why do you wear LYSIAN earplugs?

  1. Our earplugs are made of ultra-soft PU foam. Slow rebound foam earplugs can fit your ear canal very well without any uncomfortable sensations.
  2. Loud noises in environment such as shooting and woodworking, will impair hearing. LYSIAN soft foam ear plugs bring comfort and high-volume noise protection for your hearing.

  • How to wear earplugs correctly and effectively?

  1. Take the earplug with clean hands
  2. Pull your ear gently up and slightly out to help open up the ear canal
  3. Insert the plug with a slight turning motion until it is well inside your ear canal
  4. If the ear plug doesn’t seem to fit properly, remove it and try again
Features With advanced filter technology reduces noise evenly and preserve sound quality well. Suitable for Concerts, Musicians and entertainment events. Made of ultra soft and slow rebound material, fit ear canal comfortably without pressure Small earplugs with yoga shape suit for small ear canals KEEP WATER OUT - Great for swimming or showering. Prevent ear infection
Noise reduction 27dB NRR 38dB SNR, 31dB NRR 35dB SNR 29dB SNR
Material Silicone Foam Foam Silicone
Size Average Average Small Average
For sleeping
For swimming
For concrets

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