12-Piece Airtight Food Storage 6 Containers with 6 Lids - BPA-FREE Plastic Kitchen Pantry Storage Containers - Dry-Food-Storage Containers Set for Flour, Cereal, Sugar, Coffee, Rice, Nuts, Snacks Etc.

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  • VERSATILE CONTAINERS: This set includes 6 clear, roomy containers. 2 are of 1 gallon—perfect for flour, sugar, or rice. There are four 76 oz containers— just what you need for snacks, cereals, or oats. Lids and containers are interchangeable for ease and convenience.
  • SPACE SAVING: The containers are neatly and perfectly stackable. Save space and organize your pantry in an appealing, tidy manner.
  • DURABLE and FRESH: The lids and bottoms of the containers are crafted of polypropylene, making them durable and long-lasting. The containers are antiodor, so they will be fresh and pleasant after years of use.
  • SUPERIOR LIDS: The lids have snap-down handles that easily and securely lock the containers. They create an airtight seal, keeping food fresh and effectively leakproofing the containers.
  • FREEZER, MICROWAVE, DISHWASHER SAFE: These containers can tolerate extreme temperature, so you can safely freeze leftovers, microwave it, and then put the containers through the dishwasher.

Product Description

As a family-run company that knows and understands the importance of fast, easy and healthy prepping and storing, we at FineDine hold a very high standard for kitchenware. Our company develops high-quality glassware, serveware, and kitchen tools that not only look great but make the cooking and serving experience all the more pleasurable.

Top Features

Airtight Seal

Stale foodstuff is not something you should make peace with. The lids snap closed, creating an airtight seal that will maintain the crisp and crunch you crave.

Interchangeable Parts

Fits one, fits all. Quit wasting time trying to match containers to lids. All the parts of these containers are interchangeable. Just snap on a lid and you are good to go.

Leakproof Lid

Messes, messes, messes everywhere. Well, no messes with this one. Lids securely snap shut rendering the containers completely leak-proof.

Safely Stackable

Pantry space is beyond precious. That’s why these containers were crafted with a stackable, to grant your kitchen an uncluttered, well-kept appearance.

Chalkboard Labels

Label the containers for more organized use


  • 16 Labels
  • 1 Marker

Organize your home. Organize your life.

This set of containers contains six large containers, 2 of 1 gallon and 4 of 76 oz. Each one has an airtight locking lid, perfect for storing flour, sugar, rice, snacks, candies, and cookies. No spills, no staleness, no lasting food odor. They stack neatly and nest easily. How much better can it get?

Avoid the mess and stress baking brings with it. Airtight and leakproof, containers are perfect for flour, sugar, or any other dry ingredient. Keep it handy. Keep it neat. Keep baking joyous.

A dream come true. Keep all your Cereals and Ingredients organized and collected in a compact, tidy manner. Have everything right there. No searching, no misplacing. Better than a dream.

Food packages are just so...not glorious. Upgrade your kitchen with matching, stackable containers. Space Saving. Sleek and modern. All you can ask for.

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