Utopia Kitchen Plastic Food Containers Set Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids - Reusable & Leftover Lunch Boxes - Leak Proof, Freezer & Microwave Safe (24)

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  • SET OF 24 PIECES - Includes 12 containers and 12 lids of varied sizes. To match different storage needs, the set included 4 containers with a capacities of 550ml, 4 containers of 1250ml capacity, 4 containers of 2350ml capacity.
  • MICROWAVE & FREEZER SAFE – All the containers are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. Excluding the lids, use the containers for temperatures up to 80 degree Celsius to heat food, store or clean as need be.
  • AIRTIGHT & LEAK PROOF – A snap-on lock system and silicone rubbers in the lids make the con-tainers airtight, spill-proof and leak proof. Preserve, store and move food items easily using the containers that ensure it stays fresh for longer.
  • STURDY BUILT – Made from strong and solid PP (polypropylene) plastic material. The containers are 100% BPA free plastic, and designed for longer durability and regular usage even when used in rough
  • USER FRIENDLY DESIGN – The rectangular shaped containers allow ease storage and stacking in cabinets, refrigerators and freezers. With a spacious, transparent design, it helps find stored food faster and better organize food items. Easy to wash and clean, the containers can be reused and cater to multipurpose storage requirements.

Product Description

No house is a home without nutritious food on the table. At Utopia Kitchen, we truly understand the everyday struggle of storing leftover food therefore our versatile set of 24 pieces comes in varying sizes to help you satisfy your ultimate storage needs.

The set includes 4 Piece (550 ml) plastic container, 4 Piece (1250 ml) plastic container, 4 piece (2350 ml) plastic container and 12 transparent lids. The set is perfect for stashing leftovers, whether it's meat or vegetables from dinner, leftover chopped vegetables from salad prep, or pre-prepped garnishes for your favorite recipes.

Well-crafted from strong and solid PP (polypropylene) plastic material, the containers are trendy, bears a crystal-clear design, and multi-purpose that can withstand swift temperature changes effortlessly. A complete storage solution that can be taken from freezer to microwave , without compromising the savoriness of the food. The containers are made of non--porous surface and are odor and stain resistant that won’t absorb any odors, flavors, or stains thereby making it an ideal choice to store any kind of food.

The containers resist chemicals and acid degradation so you don’t need to worry about containers heating up and releasing harmful toxins into your food thereby making the food 100 % safe to be consumed. Specially designed easy lock-in and lockout the lid with Silicon ring makes the plastic container airtight and liquid-tight so you don’t need to worry about spillage or tipping anymore.

One cannot think well and sleep well if one has not dined well. The smartest 4 snap airtight locks are created to preserve the freshness of food for longer period of time by preventing the dampness from seeping in or contracting the outside bacteria. With a tight seal, food stays fresh and the clear base helps you find what you’re looking for, faster.

Our leak-proof design of the containers provides a spill-free food storage experience to our users while making it an ideal choice to carry any kind of eatables. Ranging from dry food to carrying soups and sauces, you can be sure to take them with you on the go with no worries.

Stackable Design

Do you lack storage space in your refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, or pantry? No worries. Our containers are designed to be highly stackable that allows you to stockpile containers neatly one over the other while ensuring a space-efficient environment in your kitchen or refrigerator. We have introduced containers in multiple sizes to assist you in organizing the eatables resourcefully thereby making it a perfect choice for storing food proficiently

Out of cold, into the heat

Microwave safe, you can use the container for warming up your food. The solid PP (polypropylene) plastic material allows you to safely cache the food for later use and reheat it without having it transferred to another bowl. Make sure that you remove the lids before placing them in the microwave because high temperatures may melt the gasket.

Used as a freezer storage

The containers ensure the safe keeping of your leftover food in the container without the worry of being deformed. The airtight seal protects your food from freezer burn so that you can enjoy the lusciousness of homemade food whenever you want.

Serve your relatives

Serve it all in one multi-function container. All the containers have a crystal clear design that gives an eye-appealing display of the food. Out of the oven, place the container directly on the dining table to serve the scrumptious food to your relatives.

Carry on the go

Our plastic containers are portable that helps you to confidently carry food, veggies, soups or sauces to anywhere you want. These leak-proof containers stack perfectly one over another making it easy to be neatly packed for bag pack as lunch boxes or travel bags without the worry of tipping off. Pack a full meal for long trips to the countryside without the fear of any mess.

Lid LeakProof

Our leak-proof design of the containers provides a spill-free food storage experience to our users while making it an ideal choice to carry any kind of eatables. Ranging from dry food to carrying soups and sauces, you can be sure to take them with you on the go with no worries

Care Instructions

· Do not use the product on a stovetop, grill, or boiler directly.

· Do not heat an empty container in the oven or microwave.

· Remove the lids before placing the container in the microwave or oven.

· Avoid abrasive cleaners or scrub pads.

· Dry off the containers before storing food in them.

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