Underground Whispers Small Wooden Moon Tray - Gothic Organizer - Moon Stone & Marble Tray - Goth Room/Bedroom Decor - Display for Oil Diffuser, Stones, Crystals, Jewelry, Keys

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  • Harness Positive Energies - Crystals harness and purify energy and can have a profound spiritual effect. Forge new paths in your life, create positivity, and absorb healing with crystals, stones, oils and other healing modalities. Provide these meditative & therapeutic tools a special place to reside.
  • Create a Sacred Space - Your crystals need to be purified & energized under the moon to receive the most potent frequencies. Our tray is designed to optimize this process while offering a charming & alluring display.
  • Beautiful & Decorative - Bamboo with a sleek black finish, our unique tray captures the modern, minimalist design created by geometric shapes & inspired by goth room decor. The style of any room with this gorgeous, eye-catching vessel.
  • Multipurpose Tray - Perfect for storing stones, crystals, and oils but also ideal for keys, jewelry, change, and other small treasures. Think outside of the box and and decorate your gothic style room/bedroom. Regardless of how you use it, it's a conversation starter for sure.
  • Organization Tool - Whether using our tray for crystal storage & charging or holding personal items, it coordinates, groups and organizes various items for supreme organization, while creating an inviting look. Crystals and jewelry are not included.

Product Description

Harness the Energy of the Moon

Fill your tray with crystals to enjoy purified energy and a feeling of renewal and profound positivity. Our classic tray will hold moonstone that is an essential tool for anyone calming anxieties or counteracting aggressive energies. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness will be enhanced with the display of our unique tray filled with a variety of ornate stones. Create a sacred space and an eye-catching display by filling our moon tray with an item of your choice and tap into your empathy, compassion, and patience.

Become Your Own Interior Decorator

Maybe Gothic images straight from the Middle Ages appeal to you like pointed arches, old castles, and graveyards. Perhaps you are into contemporary modern design or intrigued by Art Deco. Regardless of your preference, our moon tray will complement your interior. Fill it with something you love, and it becomes interchangeable with multiple design techniques and room decors.

Essential Ambience

inviting and warm are feelings associated with the dancing flames of a fireplace. The perfect place to curl up with a good book or a cozy blanket. Capture this same mood by filling your tray with fragrant candles. Enhance the aura with Underground Whispers.

Simple Yet Effective

Handsome Tray

Underground Whispers has designed a handsome tray that can serve many purposes. Intended for stones, crystals, oils, and other healing instruments, our tray is excellent for a variety of purposes. Coins, keys, or vanity items take on an instant organization. Serves as a vessel for snacks, nuts, or finger foods. All this, while creating a mystique to be remembered

Ultimate Halloween Accessory

Halloween is the perfect time to be creative & creepy. With our tray, you’ll have the perfect beginning for your favorite scary holiday. The color of candy corn will pop against the backdrop of our deep black bamboo tray. Just one of a few small, but effective tricks to creating a dark and festive atmosphere.

Take A Closer Look

Our tray is beautiful, unique, and a must-have for any home. It serves multiple purposes and enhances multiple design themes. Decorate with style

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