Alpine SwimSafe Reusable Swimming Ear Plugs – Comfortable Waterproof Filter Earplugs for Adults - Block Water and Prevents Swimmer’s Ear - Hypoallergenic Hearing Protection for Surfing and Showering

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  • SECURE FIT AND KEEPS WATER OUT: Many people suffer discomfort in their ears when swimming. SwimSafe ear plugs are not just useful to keep water out, they also prevent infections and "swimmers ear". It's ideal to use when you have perforated eardrums or Otitis.
  • CONVERSATION REMAINS AUDIBLE: Wether you're showering, swimming or playing water sports, you still want to talk to your friends. While water is kept out, the AlpineAcousticFilter ensures that you still hear alarm clocks and fire alarms, and conversations are still audible.
  • PREVENT INFECTION: Almost all children experience at least one ear infection before they are 5, any adult might be unlucky enough to get an infection as well. While the Alpine SwimSafe earplugs prevent infection, they are also able to use in conjunction with ear tubes.
  • TESTED AND CERTIFIED: Thoroughly tested and proven to reach noise reduction at 10 dB SNR in accordance with US & EU Regulations. The patented AlpineThermoShape material is Hypoallergenic, Sustainable and without silicone; so no allergic reactions!
  • AWARD-WINNING DUTCH DESIGN | Alpine is an innovator and leader in quality hearing protection with 25 years R&D experience. All products are designed and produced in The Netherlands. A wide variety of earplugs ensure that you can do what you love to do without risking ear damage!

Alpine SwimSafe Earplugs for Swimming

Many people suffer discomfort in their ears when swimming. In addition, water sports enthusiasts often want to protect their ears against water and wind when surfing, sailing or wakeboarding to prevent an ear infection or swimmer’s ear. Especially for that purpose, Alpine has developed SwimSafe swimming earplugs. These special earplugs for swimming, water sports and showering prevent water from penetrating the ear. Thanks to the unique filters, ambient sounds can still be heard while the swim earplugs are in place.

Alpine Acoustic Filters - Say No to Water & Yes to Sound

The special acoustic filters in the SwimSafe earplugs for swimming allow you to keep hearing all ambient sounds and conversations. The extremely small opening in the swim ear plugs filters prevent the wearer from feeling disconnected and the shape of the reusable earplugs prevents any water from penetrating the ear. SwimSafe swimming earplugs for adults are suitable for a maximum distance of one meter under water.

Comfortable AlpineThermoShape Material

The innovative Alpine swimming ear plugs are made of AlpineThermoShape, a thermoplastic material developed by Alpine. This material takes on the shape of the ear, so the adult swimming earplugs have a perfect fit and stay where they are at all times. That guarantees optimal absorption and comfort without unpleasant pressure on the ears. ATS is hypoallergenic, and SwimSafe are zero silicone earplugs.

Alpine Miniboxx

In addition to the convenient carrying case, you will also find a cool Alpine Miniboxx in the SwimSafe swimming ear plugs packaging. This convenient carrying case makes it easy to take your swim earplugs with you to the pool, and when you're swimming it can be easily attached to your wrist.

SwimSafe Swimming Ear Plugs Packaging Contents

✔ Two universal thermoplastic hearing protectors
✔ Two acoustic filters
✔ Alpine Miniboxx
✔ Plastic carrying case
✔ Alpine insertion sleeve

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