Aquarium Thermometer, Digital Touch Screen Fish Tank Thermometer With Large LCD Display, Stick-on Tank Temperature Sensor Ensures Accurate Reading for Aquarium Terrarium Amphibians and Reptiles…

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  • 🎈 No Probes or Messy Wires in water : backside temperature sensor stick on the outside glass of the fish tank prevent water infiltration and electronic Oxidation, Classic Red+Black compact design with Large Crystal Touch Screen makes it easier to read the temperature far away, stands out among other Fish Tank thermometers.
  • 🎈 Large numbers on 3.2" Large Transparent Screen : 3.2" large glass screen is larger than most of the thermometers, large temperature display on transparent screen, will not block your view.
  • 🎈 Accurate Display : With an accurate temperature sensor stick on the surface of the fish tank, this Digital aquarium thermometer will display accurate temperature for fish tank, reading from 0°C to 70°C / 32°F - 158°F, accurate to 0.1°
  • 🎈 Easy to Operate: pull down the red battery cover below the screen, insert battery, close it, stick on and read the tank temperature. press up or down to switch °C / °F
  • 🎈 Widely used: Suitable For Different Water Types Such As Fresh Water, Tap Water, Salty Water, Marine Water And Monitors The Living Temperature For Reptile Such As Lizard, Turtle.Also, it can be used for DIY Brew Beer and wine barrel, Terrarium, Greenhouse, Vivarium pet tank thermometer.

Product Description

This Mini Digital Aquarium Thermometer comes with modern appearance and compact design, easy-to-read clear LCD Screen delivers accurate temperature readings in your Terrarium. It is important for you to own this one to keep your pet fish healthy, happy and active.

Touch Screen

Touch to set high temperature warning and low temperature warning.

Transparent clear on your fish tank

This Aquarium Thermometer comes with Transparent Clear Screen, makes it a pleasing event to watch your lovely fishes, it is also a perfect decoration for your tank.

Backside temperature, no messy wires

Backside Temperature sensor monitors water temperature accurately, will not suffer from water infiltration and electronic components corrosion , No messy wires in water makes you tank unique and beautiful.

C/F Switch:

Press “up” or “down” to switch between C / F

How to set the flash function ?

Press the “set” key, the first small number will flash, short press “up” or “down” to set up the highest temperature you want it to flash, then press “set”, the other small number will flash, short press “up” or “down” key to set up the lowest temperature. Done.

Note: If you replace the battery, this thermometer will be back to C and default high / low temperature flash point is 30 C / 20 C, pls set up a high enough temperature and a low enough temperature If you do not want it to flash.

  • Big number displays current temperature.
  • HI xxF means HIGHEST temperature you want it to warn.
  • LO xxF means LOWEST temperature you want it to warn.
  • when Hi xxF > current temperature > LO xxF , it will not flash, otherwise, it will flash to warn you that there is something wrong with the water temperature
  • Three Touch Keys, “set” “up” “down”.

How to replace battery ?

1. Hold this fish tank thermometer with 2 hands like pic, then slide down the battery cover with 2 thumbs .

2. Take down the battery and install a new battery.

3. Find the matching connection between the battery cover and the thermometer then slanting insert,then press down.

4. Push upward the battery cover.

Usage Monitor Water Temperature, keep fishes healthy Monitor temperater and humidity Aquarium Filter Breeding Hatching Isolating acclimating Trim Aquarium Plants and build underwater world. Decorate Fish Tank
Fit For Acrylic Tank Not suggested
Easy Installtion
High Quality
Material Glass Screen,plastic Shell, metal sensor Plastic Plastic + Bio Sponge Acrylic Anti-rust Stainless Steel Safe Resin

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