Hanging Wild Bird Feeder Gazebo Birdfeeder Outside Decoration, Perfect for Attracting Birds on Outdoor Garden Yard for Bird Lover Kids, 2.6lb Capacity Hexagon Shaped with Roof Avoid Weather and Water

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  • 🐦DURABLE PLASTIC BIRD FEEDER - The gazebo-style bird feeder is made of heavy-duty plastic and can be possessed for a long time. Attract birds to find food, let birds inhabit and enjoy seed food. You can hang the feeder with cover on the hook in the backyard, garden, deck, balcony, window, lawn, schoolhouse or front porch. you will get a clear perspective and enjoy hours of continuous and pleasant entertainment. Size: 7.9 x 7.9 x 8.7 inches.
  • 🐤PRACTICAL DESIGN - This hanging outside birdfeeder has a steel wire metal handle so you can hang the feeder securely wherever it can be supported. With its gazebo shape, the finch bird feeder features an inclined roof to shade birds from the sun and rain. Tray-type feed inlets and hexagon habitats allow birds to eat from all angles. When the wild bird seeds are eaten, more seeds will fill the tray.
  • 🌴LARGE CAPACITY - Holds up to 2.6 lb of seeds and has six well-spaced feeding ports, which can feed multiple birds at the same time. It can be filled with all varieties of seeds, such as mixed seed, peanut chunks, black oil sunflower seeds, safflower seeds and cracked corn to attract cardinals, tits, goldfinches, red finches, house finches, small birds, blue jay, warblers, starlings and more! Note: Make sure that the cap locks the cover in place to avoid squirrels from entering.
  • 🎄EASY TO FILL & WASH - Bird seed feeder is equipped with a twist lock cover to keep the lid safely closed and the seeds are fresh and dry inside. The clear bird feeder make it easy to monitor your seed levels at all times. When it comes to refill the feeder, just turn to unlock, lift the lid up and pour seed. The wide opening and detachable lid are easy to fill and wash. A great gift for friends and parents, children or birds lovers.
  • 💕WILD BIRD SUPPLIES LIFETIME CARE - Please check the tree bird feeder once a week, and wash the hanging bird feeders for outside regularly. You only need to buy one of our products, and we will ensure to service your feeder for free for the rest of your life! If for any reason you're not 100% SATISFIED, please let us know and our customer service team will help you RETURN OR REFUND.

Product Description

Welcome to Ordenado Plastic Panorama Wild Bird Feeding

More than 3.5 million bird-lovers feed the birds happily. Use the wild bird feeders with roof to feed and watch wild birds in your own backyard! Make your garden into unparalleled bird watching scenery!

The outdoor Bird Feeder can be fill with up to 2.6 lbs of mixed seed, sunflower seeds, peanut halves or safflower to reduce the filling frequency. It can accommodate various types of birds and will attract cardinals, tits, finch, red birds, bluebirds, songbirds, starlings and more. This elegant feeder will definitely attract many birds to your backyard and is the perfect complement to your outdoor decorations!

A great gift idea for parents, birds lovers and children.

It's great for keeping elderly busy or teaching young ones a sense of responsibility. The feeling of joy that comes from feeding hungry animals is priceless.

Great for attracting a variety of birds such as finches, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, juncos songbirds, robins, wrens, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, doves, cardinals, finches, goldfinches, nuthatches, redpolls, siskins, sparrows, and wrens and more!

The feeder has an innovative design that distributes the seeds evenly into the bird seed tray and stops dispensing when the bird feeder tray is full.

  • As the birds continue to dine from the gazebo perch, the seed is replenished into the tray so it remains consistently full.
  • Black Oil Sunflower Seed is the most popular bird seed. It is much smaller than the traditional sunflower seed is best suited for birds with smaller bills, such as the sparrow, junco and goldfinch. All kinds of birds accept this seed.
  • Mixed seeds are also very popular. It is best to buy a mixture containing white rice, which is a beige seed with a bright shell. A mixture of large amounts of finely crushed corn and black oil sunflower is also favored by many birds.

Warm Service, Lifetime Care

Ordenado is committed to providing good products and best service to all customers. You Won't Have to Throw Away Your Feeder. Lifetime Care is the way we stand behind the product. Ordenado promise to provide the best service for all the order inquiries, missing parts or other problems. Remember, if you need us, we are always here to serve you.

A Customer Care You'll Get

We hope our products can bring joy to you and your loved ones. We attach great importance to customer experiences and are always here for you in need. A knowledgeable and polite person will gladly answer your questions, send you a replacement part.

Make a World of Difference

Hanging garden bird feeders and keeping them cleaning and full can increase the chances of survival of birds and their offspring.

Seed Recommendations

The seed feeder can be filled with mixed seed, peanut chunks, safflower seed, black oil sunflower kernels, cracked corn, millet, unshelled peanuts, small nuts, Nyger, and thistle, although it works best with sunflower seeds, a favorite of almost every backyard feeder bird.

360-degree feeding

Six well-spaced feeding ports allows for multiple birds to feed simultaneously. Enclosed seed housing keeps up to 2.6lb of seeds fresh. Clear housing lets you see when it's time to replenish seeds. Just open the latch and lift the lid to refill.

Cleaning Your Unique Bird Feeder

Please! For the sake of the birds, keep your apartment Bird Feeder cleaning! Dirty Bird Feeders spread disease. Soak all parts in a 50/50 of white vinegar Wash hands thoroughly after use.

Drainage Holes

Designed to avoid wind and rain,there are drainage holes at the bottom of the bird feeder to keep the seeds dry and fresh.

  • Ready to Hang: Metal hanger can bear the weight of full seeds and it can be hung anywhere you want. Numerous hanging options include: trees, iron shepherd hooks, feeding station kits and stands, free standing poles and posts.
  • Good Bird Feeder: All feeder parts are made of a 100% plastic. The durable cage has a long lifetime.
  • Twist lock cover for easy refilling and cleaning. The wide opening and twist lock cover facilitates filling and cleaning, and the unique Sure-Lock cover system of the feeder secures the lid in place to avoid persistent squirrels from gaining access to the seed reservoir.
  • Hang Almost Anywhere. For convenience, this feeder includes a built-in suspension cable to allow for versatile placement. Place it anywhere around your yard, patio, garden, courtyards, terraces, backyards and front porches or anywhere you birds can easily find it and you can have a great view! Making your life interesting.
  • Antique roof style. The beautiful gazebo design has a inclined roof to shade birds from the sun and rain. Not only is this feeder convenient and economical, it's also eye catching! The beautiful roof design will make it a standout addition to your yard.
  • 360-degree feeding. With a convenient hexagonal shape seed tray, multiple birds can eat from all angles without having to compete for the ports. When there are six sides to eat, it can make birds eat more peacefully.

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