Heywean Cat Harness and Leash - Ultra Light Escape Proof Kitten Collar Cat Walking Jacket with Running Cushioning Soft and Comfortable Suitable for Puppies Rabbits

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  • Ultra-light: the weight of entire strap is less than 50g, and it is same with a car key’s weight. Your cat must enjoy it with free movement for this wear!
  • 360° wrap-around chest back: the pressure on the chest is even and safe to avoid pulling and suffocation,and to protect the cat from the fragile trachea and throat.
  • Added a Suture to the chest: to fit the cat's neck and chest which has a strong three-dimensional feeling.This prevent shedding cat harness has soft edges and elastic cushioning, which can prevent injury and escape.
  • High elasticity and dry: light filling material, moisture absorption, quick drying, odor reduction,toughness, wear resistance and high elastic properties.
  • Size measurement: S: Chest:9-11"/23-28cm Recommended weight:3-6 lb/1-3kg M: Chest:11-13"/28-33cm Recommended weight:6-10 lb/3-4.5kg L: Chest:13-15"/33-38cm Recommended weight:10-16 lb/4.5-7kg

Product Description

Why Do Cats Need A Cat Harness?

Cat is a naughty animal, it will not stay quiet all day long.

Wear a cat harness, you can take the cat out to explore, walk, exercise, train, and even travel with you.

In addition, when you want to take your cat to an unfamiliar place or a place that your cat is unwilling to go to, such as a pet grooming salon or a pet hospital, it is very necessary to wear a cat harness, which can prevent the cat from running away suddenly or even losing it.

New Design

New style, new experience

New style 360° wrap-around pet harness is with cushion for running and is comfortable to wear. It can customize for your fur friends and it is perfect for daily walking, running, jogging, hiking, training,outdoor recreation and more.

It is available to clean the whole body by machine and convenient for daily regular clean. What’s more, it can relieve your hands’ pressure and you can throw it into the washing machine directly.

Highly Recommended-Cat Harness & Leash


  1. Lightweight and soft material, gently holding the cat's soft body, no pressure, no burden.
  2. Sponge buffer layer, increases softness and breath ability, relieves various pressures on the body, cats accept it more easily.
  3. Easy to wear and durable.Step into harness - Secure hook & loop fastener - Buckle in - Clip leash on to double D-rings! So, let's go!
  • Ultra-light
  • 360° wrap-around chest back
  • Comfortable and humanized design
  • Safe & better control
  • High elasticity and dry

Display of details:

Quick-release Buckles

The back of the cat harness is designed with a quick release buckle. In an emergency, the safety buckle can be quickly released to prevent the cat from being strangled under strong tension.

Soft fabric & sponge filling

Our cat harness is made of soft fabrics with sponge filling, which is extremely light and breathable, giving the cat a comfortable experience without any weight-bearing feeling.

Super soft & breathable

Our cat harness is very breathable and can be used in all seasons.

At the same time, it is easy to clean and can be rolled up when not in use for easy storage.

Let's go out together to get close to nature

How to make your cats fall in love with a cat harness?

  • 1. First, place the cat harness within the cat’s sight. Let the cat recognize the cat harness and be familiar with the existence of the cat harness.

  • 2. When wearing a cat harness, you can use food or toys to distract the cat, which helps to easily put on the cat harness.

  • 3. Please be patient for the cat wearing a cat harness for the first time. If the cat is unwilling, please do not force the cat to wear a cat harness to avoid creating a bad heart shadow for the cat. Please wait for the cat to calm down before trying to wear it.

Where are we going together?

  • Stay at home
  • Go for a walk
  • Go hiking
  • Go explore
  • Travel together
  • Go out for training
  • Exercising

Listen to the voice of CUSTOMERS:

Safe and comfortable experience with cat harness.

I took my cat out to go shopping and put it on a cat harness, it stayed quietly in the cat basket, which made me feel safer, because before my cat ran around when going out, now I don’t need to worry about it will run away again. In short, this is worth buying for cats, and I highly recommend it.

A way to control my cat with this cat harness.

I have a very naughty cat who can run around anywhere when we go for a walk together. But since I have this cat harness, I can smoothly take it down from the tree and find it quickly, so I don't have to waste time dealing with it. Besides, this color is very bright, and it goes well with my lovely cat.

This color makes my cat look more intellectual.

I bought this cat harness, which is very breathable and easy to put on, my cat likes to wear it. This cat harness is convenient for my cat to take a walk outdoors. When I get home, I take off the leash and it becomes a cat vest, which is very light. My cat becomes quiet and enjoys the existence of this vest.

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