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  • ★ GROOMING MADE EASY Get essential grooming tools for dogs and cats in one swoop. This set includes a slicker de-matting brush,and heavy-duty pet nail clippers. Save money by giving your furry buddy a good groom from the comfort of home.
  • ★ SELF-CLEANING SLICKER BRUSH Removing knots, dander, and loose hair from your pet’s fur just got easier. Press the button on the slicker brush after you’re done and watch the bristles retract and the hair fall right off. Ideal for all sizes of dogs and cats and all hair types.
  • ★ PET NAIL CLIPPERS Give your pet’s nails a nice trim the safe way. Our cat and dog nail trimmers stand out with their sharpness, durability, and a safety stop that prevents cutting nails too short. You’ll love the high-quality stainless steel and the comfortable ergonomic handle.
  • ★ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE We’ve got your back with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Reach out to us in case of any issues with your pet grooming accessories and we’ll do all we can to make it right. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and get your kit completely risk-free!
  • ★ COMFORTABLE, STRONG, AND DURABLE- Our Slicker Brush is especially designed with a COMFORT-GRIP and ANTI-SLIP HANDLE, which prevents hand and wrist strain no matter how long you brush your pet !

Product Description

Grooming Set Components

Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Made with fine bent wire bristles, our slicker brush removes knots, dander, and loose hair from your pal’s fur without scratching their skin. When you’re done, press the button and watch the hair fall right off the brush!

Pet Nail Clippers

FREE with your Ruff ‘n Ruffus Slicker Brush. Our Nail Clippers are sturdy, reliable and easy to use, so you can trim your buddy’s nails with confidence!

Push Button Fur Release

Keep your hands clean with our push button fur release. After brushing simply push the button until it "clicks" to retract the brush's teeth and release the loose fur. Easy!

Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

A Well-Groomed Pet Is A Happy Pet

What do happy pets love to do? Snuggle! The Ruff ‘n Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is made for comfort-yours and your buddy’s too! Other brushes have sharp metal bristles that can scratch your pup or kitty’s skin, but the round-tip bristles on our Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush help make brushing as comfortable and relaxing as possible. The wide, ergonomic rubber handle makes the brush easy to grip during those long grooming sessions with your pal. make brushing as comfortable and relaxing as possible. The wide, ergonomic rubber handle makes the brush easy to grip during those long grooming sessions with your pal.

Regular brushing doesn’t just keep your furry friend feeling clean and comfy- it also promotes healthier skin! If you’re looking for an effective and easy way to reduce shedding and dander

And boost your pet’s circulation


With Every Purchase receive a free nail clipper !

Hi There, I’m Ruffus!

I’m a Frenchie teacup dog living in New York City. Life started out pretty “ruff” for me. When my brother and I were put in a shelter shortly after we were born. But since I’ve been adopted, life is looking good for me. I spend my days split between my Brooklyn apartment, the dog park and the office of Ruff ‘N Ruffus. These guys are my family. When I come in, they greet me like a celebrity coming to town; what can I say, I’m just that lovable! I love that Ruff ‘n Ruffus has everything I need to make me feel cared for. I would love for your pet to feel the same. Afterall, at Ruff ‘n Ruffus, Pets are Family! Come join ours!

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