Yizhi Miaow Cat Harness and Leash for Walking Escape Proof, Adjustable Cat Walking Jackets, Padded Cat Vest

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Color: Sailor suit red
Size: S 4-6LBS
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  • The cat harness set is escape proof with durable and strong Magic Tape. No buckles but the magic tape is very secure. Please refer to the video for cat walking training tips. The package comes with harness, training leash and training guideline.
  • The adjustable cat harness is easier to put on your cat with long Magic Tape enclosure, it's light weight without plastic buckle approx.72g. Measure your pet chest girth and neck girth, choose the RIGHT size for your pet, please refer to the second photo for size chart.
  • Padded harness is more safe than a H-style harness, it will also makes your cat feel comfortable.
  • It's normal that your cat will keeps falling over at the very beginning, please practicing 30 minutes indoor every or twice a day.
  • Cat harness is escape proof if you learn to control the leash. You need to train your cat until the harness will act as a safety mechanism rather than a tool to drag your cat around with. Watch video online on Amazon will help you.

Product Description

Please check the video uploaded by seller ' Safety tips for untrained cats', please take the time to train your cat to not attempt to back out the harness, if your cat backs up, instantly slacken the leash and do not give your cat act something to pull against. Your cats may be frightened at any noise, any people, dogs, cars, please choose a SAFE LOCATION outdoors to walk your cat, ideally your front yard, back yard or in a quiet neighborhood or park. Stay way form high traffic or crowded areas that can frighten your cat.

Take a carrier or blanket with you

Take a small blanket with you so you can comfort your cat when he/she becomes scared.

Cats should be trained indoors first.

Cats should be trained indoors first. For the sake of safety, it's crucial to start training indoors. Purchasing a harness and leaving it inside the house for your cat to play with and smell, so he isn't afraid of it. Next, strap your cat into the harness and make sure it's properly fitted and that your pet is comfortable. Then let kitty wear the harness around the house. Let him drag the leash and grow accustomed to having something strapped around his body. (Most cats refuse to move and keeps falling over the first time wearing harnesses.)

It's smart to reward your cat with treats throughout this process; give him a spoonful of wet food while you're first adjusting the harness so he's distracted.

Stay way form high traffic or crowded areas.

Cats should be comfortable on their harness before heading outdoors. Once you are ready to take him outside, open the door and let your cat sniff around and choose the direction (while you are holding on to the leash). Ideally, the first outdoor space should be enclosed with a fence and not be filled with stimuli. If you live in a city, consider putting your cat in a crate and driving somewhere more remote without loud sounds and masses of people, which can be overwhelming.

Once your cat seems comfortable on the leash, add walking to the long list of things you like to do together.

Your cat may become an escape artist.

Make sure your cat doesn't become an escape artist. Once they get a taste of being outside, some cats may wait by the door and attempt to run out once it's opened. Make it clear to your cat that the only time he can go outside is when he is dressed in the harness.

An enclosed outdoor space - good place for cats never been trained.

Discover fun alternatives. If your cat isn't into leash life, but you want him to enjoy a new space, you may consider a patio -- an enclosed outdoor space where your cat can walk around freely. Sounds liberating, doesn't it? You might build a patio on your terrace or in your yard and enjoy the space together. This can also fortify your connection. You can also look into cat fencing, a cat bag or a cat stroller -- they're are all ways to give a timid cat the opportunity to safely smell and hear the world.

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VINE VOICE : We use this cat harness several times per week - Reviewed in the United States on April 7, 2021

I purchased this cat harness over a year ago and our kids still use it several times a week. It's very interesting to walk a cat using a leash and harness. Our cat cooperates. He's so distracted outside and I always stop him from eating grass. But he loves it, getting out in our very small yard.

Voice of the customer : So easy to put on!- Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2021

Wow! Velcrro straps allow me to put the harness on my cat easily. I’ve bought the old harness type with buckles and it was confusing how to put it on. Not this one. I couldn’t be more happy. I read reviews before I bought this too. Get it. You won’t be sorry. I ordered a small for my 5-month old Ragdoll male. The Velcrro will allow him to grow a little in It too.

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