2022 Switch Sport Accessories Bundle Compatible with Switch Sport Game,Cenxaki 10 in 1 Kit for Switch/Switch OLED Family Sport Game with Joycon Grip,Chambara,Bowling Grip and Tennis/Badminton Rackets

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  • 2022 Newest Switch Somatosensory Game Sports Accessories Kit - This Switch sports game kit is perfect for Football, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton and Chambara (sword).The Switch Sports Game Kit package basically includes all the accessories for the Switch sports game. Let you have a more realistic gaming experience and enhance your gaming fun. Great for parties, family games together.Note: Joy-cons are not included in the item.
  • 10 in 1 Switch Sport Game Accessories Kit - The Switch Sport Game Kit includes the following accessories: 2 x Hand Straps, 2 x Chambara Fencing Grip, 2 x Bowling Grip, 2 x Tennis Rackets, 2 x Leg Straps. The complete Sport Game Kit accessory pack saves you searching time and money for these accessories.
  • Ergonomic Design And Compact Size - Each accessory of this Switch Sport Accessories Kit has an ergonomic design, such as fencing grips, tennis rackets, bowling grips, etc., making it more convenient for you to use, and at the same time more secure. At the same time, the small size allows you to play for a long time without feeling tired.
  • Joyful Gaming Experience - This Switch Sport Accessory Kit can be used at family gatherings, friends gatherings, school parties and more. It allows you to shorten the distance between you and your family, friends, and classmates, and satisfy your mood through a cheerful gaming experience.
  • A PERFECT GIFT - This Switch Sport Game accessory kit is beautifully packaged and integrates all the necessary accessories for a Switch Sport Game, making it an exquisite gift for the Switch Gamer, which can be used as a birthday gift, Valentine's Day gift, Christmas gift holiday gifts, etc.

Product Description

Cenxaki Switch Sports Game Accessories 10 in 1

2022 Newest Switch Sports Game Accessories Get Everyone Moving and Enjoy Gaming + Sports.

This is a collection of Nintendo Switch Sports Accessories Kit. It's the best starter kit for the Switch Sports Game, and it's a great add-on for other motion controls.

It is a perfect gift, it has a beautifully packaged gift box, can be used as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, Valentine's Day gift, etc., can be sent to family, children, friends.

This 10 in 1 Switch Sports Accessories Kit Includes: Switch Leg Strap x 2, Joycon Wrist Strap x 2, Bowling Grip x 2 (With Straps), Racket x 2 (With Straps) and Sword Grip x 2(With Straps).

Please The included straps fasten close to your wrist to ensure you don't lose grip while you play.

Switch Sports Accessories Kit - Make your gaming experience more fun.

Switch Leg Strap * 2

Switch Leg Strap - Let you play football games is more flexible.

JoyCon Wrist Strap * 2

JoyCon Wrist Strap - Make your volleyball game more realistic.

Sword * 2 ( With Straps )

Sword Accessories - Lets you play Chambara games that are more confrontational.

Racket * 2 ( With Straps )

Racket - It allows you to swing the racket more realistically when playing tennis or badminton.

Racket * 2 ( With Straps )

Racket - It allows you to swing the racket more realistically when playing tennis or badminton.

Bowling Grip * 2 ( With Straps )

Bowling Grip - Able to more realistically simulate the action of throwing a bowling ball when you play a bowling game.

One Item Filled With Accessories For All Switch Sports Game

10 in 1 Switch Sports Game Accessories Kit gift box to meet your gaming needs.

At the same time, all the accessories are integrated, so that you no longer need to spend high prices, spend more time, and purchase accessories separately.

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