20Pcs Sand Perch Covers for Bird - 7.5" Bird Perchs Bird Stand Bird Cage Accessories Natural Wood Perch Platform Paw Grinding Stick for Parakeets, Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Canaries

Model: 12pcs 10" x 0.78"
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  • 🦜【THEY’RE GETTING CALCIUM】 Sand Perch Covers for Bird is good for daily polishing of beaks and toes, and at the same time, by rubbing the falling sand, it is good for birds' digestion, etc.(Birds don't have teeth, so it's hard to digest the food ingested, so eat some Sand regularly and grind the food in the stomach).Which adds beneficial calcium to your bird’s everyday activities.
  • 🦜【FITS 3/8” DIAMETER PERCHES】 Length = 7.5” / Diameter = 0.43” ;They fit 3/8” diameter perches**According to customer feedback, we have upgraded the appearance of this size. Because this diameter is very thin, we have added notches on the side, which can make the installation simple and the application range wide. Please feel free to use!
  • 🦜【NATURALLY MADE&PERCHES 】Sand perch covers and gravel paper for bird cages are made of natural safe & non-toxic raw materials,which are sand,base paper and food grade glue.These covers for bird cage perches help to keep your feathered buddy's nails clean and trim, so you have less maintenance work to do.
  • 🦜【ALL LIFE STAGES】Suitable for the entire life stage of birds, which need to polish their claws and beaks;Provides a natural and easy way to care for your pet's nails.(You can match our birdcage sandpaper to create a healthy and comfortable living environment for your pets.)
  • 🦜【HELP DIGESTION 】 Provides grit to aid in digestion. When ingested, the grit helps digestion in the crop Supporting his health and well-being.Suitable for a variety of bird cages such as parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, love birds, finch, canaries cages.

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