2PCS Warm Cozy Corner Fleece Bird Blanket Shawl Birdcage Accessories Snuggle Hut Perch Cover Shelter for Parakeet Cockatiel Plush Bedding Hanging Toy, Parrot Pigeon Love Bird Cuddle Nest Bird Bed Tent

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  • ✔2PCS Bird Cage Blanket Covers☞ The package included 2PCS bird blankets - Grey & Pink colors. The size of warm bird shawl is 5.9” x 8.66”.
  • ✔Bird Blanket for Cage Material☞ The birdcage blanket cover is made of plush coral fleece fabric, which touch soft and comfortable. The bird cage cover will be a cozy corner for your lovely parrots.
  • ✔Hanging Toy Function☞ The plush bedding can be a warm house for your beloved feathered friend. Moreover, the soft fleece fabric can provide birds a cozy corner, snuggle hut shelter cover or shawls to rest, sleep, or nap when they feel cold or tired.
  • ✔Bird Cage Accessories Fitments☞ This bird cuddle nest is suitable for small medium birds like Parakeet Cockatiel Conure Macaw Lovebird Finches Lorikeet Pigeon, and so on.
  • ✔Easy Installation and Care☞ The plush bedding is with string. You can easily fix the bed on the bird cage. And you can wash the bird tent by water when it is dirty.

So Warm Soft Cozy Birds Cage Blanket!
Give a warm soft shawl as a gift to your beloved feathered boys girls in cold weather!
Let them have a good snuggle hut for resting~♥
Bird Cage Cover Specifications:
♥Material: coral fleece
♥Size: about 5.9” x 8.66“
♥2PCS included
♥Be washable
♥Suitable for: small and medium birds
Parakeet Cockatiel Conure Macaw Lovebird Finches Lorikeet Pigeon, etc.
Package Included:
2 X Bird Blanket for Cage

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