6 Pieces Professional Kitchen Knives Set with Giftbox, High Carbon Stainless Steel Forged Kitchen Knife Set, Sharp Chef Knife Set for Chef Cooking Paring Cutting Slicing (High Carbon Black)

Color: High Carbon Black
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  • ✅ ALL-IN-ONE KNIFE SET,included 8"Chef Knife,8"small Cleaver,8"Carving Knife,3.5"Paring Knife,Scissors,This kitchen knives comes in a beautifully designed and high-quality gift box, making it an ideal gift for a friend or loved one,even yourself.
  • ✅ Extremely sharp:Every knife blade is made from forged high carbon steel. The blades are then hand-sharpened and lastly satin finished-which provides a superbly sharp and efficient edge that will retain its sharpness for long periods, even with heavy daily use.
  • ✅ Comfort and Safety:Handles are made from wood for easy to maneuver, comfortable, and non-slip handles.Every knife have the balance pretty evenly distributed between the blade and the handle, If you are using the knife a lot for large quantities of ingredients, a balanced knife offers far less strain on the arm.
  • ✅ Durable:The cutlery grade steel with 58 Rockwell hardness used to make the knife blades neither rusts, corrodes nor discolors. You are still expected to hand-wash the knives and Stay dry to maintain the appearance. Precision forging creates a durable knife.
  • ✅ How To Maintain: knife sets for kitchen has higher carbon content, please pay attention to clean the knife, Don't try it on the dishwasher. Wash them by hand and Dry them with a cloth. Some cooking oil may be applied on it if it is not used for a long time. And it shall be placed at a dry place for storage.

Product Description

Unmatched Quality & Performance

High Carbon Stainless Steel

  • stainless steel with 58 Rockwell hardness and Ultra Sharp Edge ensure the long-lasting sharpness of the knives

Ergonomic Handle

  • The solid ergonomic handles can minimize wrist tension and even after prolonged use, your palm and wrist will not fatigue

Black Coating

  • Blade coated with nonstick paint can prevent food from sticking to knives and effectively prevent knives from rusting. Also can reduce the resistance of slices and make them comfortable and effortless to use.

Gift Box

  • It an ideal gift for a friend or loved one,even yourself,Enjoy Cooking,Enjoy Life

Choosing the Right Knife for the Task

8”Chef Knife

  • The knife can be used for almost every task in the kitchen. It cuts tofu, chops squashes, dices tomatoes, and slices steaks. That is why it is the must-have item in every kitchen knife set collection

8” Cleaver Knife

  • A typical cleaver has a thick spine and a very strong blade, which allows it to cut through bones and meat in a chopping motion. It’s also very useful for chopping hard and thick materials such as squash or pumpkin.

8” Carving Knife

  • A carving knife is much thinner than a chef's knife (particularly at the spine), enabling it to carve thinner, more precise slices.

3.5” Paring Knife

  • If you love making garnishes for your foods and drinks, the paring knife is a must-have. It can be used for cutting and peeling fruits, veggies, and trimming excess fat with precision and ease.

Ceramic Peeler

  • Ceramic peelers make life a whole lot easier, especially if you're partial to mashed potatoes, apple pie, and any other dish that calls for skinless fruits and vegetables.


  • Multi-function household scissors.A must have tool in your kitchen,can cut meat and vegetables.Also used for opening bottles and cracking nuts.

How to take care of your knives?

1、Choosing the right knife for the task at hand,Each knife type is designed for different things. Blades are reinforced differently, and shapes lend themselves to diffIerent things.

2、Wash them by hand and Dry them with a cloth,please don't try it on the dishwasher, due to most cleaners are alkaline that will corrode your knife, so hand wash is highly recommended.

3、Choosing the right chopping board, A better choice is a wooden or plastic board.

4、The blade is sharp, DO NOT test with finger tips and avoid direct contact against harm and Stay away from your children!

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