9KM DWLIFE Kevlar Kite String, 40~400Lb Flying Line, High Strength, Low-Stretch, Abrasion Resistant, Fishing Assist Cord, Camping, Hiking, Outdoor Survival Rope

Size: 100Lbs 1000Ft-Braid
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  • [High Strength] The Kevlar line has amazing tensile strength even in the face of strong winds. It holds your kite firmly like a wire without worrying about breaking.
  • [Sturdy and durable] The 100% Kevlar kite string has excellent abrasion resistance, and the high-quality braiding and twisting process increases the durability of the line and greatly reduces the frequency with which you have to change your cord.
  • [Low Stretch] Give your kite a professional accessory upgrade! The low stretch of Kevlar kite strings allows any change in kite movement to be quickly reflected in your hands, and also means that any subtle movement you make can be easily transmitted to the kite, making it even more fun to fly.
  • [Lightweight Line] Thin and lightweight Kevlar kite string can greatly reduce the weight of the kite. Replacing the traditional kite string, the ultra-light Kevlar kite string allows the kite not to miss every gust of wind and can fly high in the air easily and quickly.
  • [Rope for outdoor] Kevlar is abrasion resistant, stretch resistant, flame retardant and lightweight, shows its talents in various outdoor activities. Such as fishing line, emergency rescue rope, model rocket recovery harnesses/shock cord, hammock ridgeline, arborist throw line, trap snaring rope, restring wind chimes, RC crawlers tow cables/winch lines, tent rope, etc.

Product Description


Twisted rope is created by taking fibers and twisting them into strands, then twisting the strands into rope.

  • More stretch than braided
  • Less expensive than braided

Two common forms of rope


Braided rope is created by braiding together 4-12 strands into a tube-like braid.

  • More flexible
  • Stronger than twisted
  • Smoother feel for touch
  • Easy to splice

Abrasion-resistant hollow braided rope

The compact rope is abrasion resistant and has high tensile strength, which makes Kevlar ropes last longer outdoors compared to ordinary nylon ropes.

Low tensile, creep resistance

Kevlar ropes will stretch about 2% before breaking with little to no deformation.

The inelastic string is able to give a quick response in applications such as kite flying and fishing.

Flame resistant

The unique flame retardancy of Kevlar fiber makes Kevlar cords shine in various high temperature environment applications (melting point is 800°F / 427°C), it is often used as model rocket shock cord recovery system, camping stove and chimney tie line, torch core, etc.

Some tips:

How to choose the right cord?

Please refer to our size chart. We offer size specifications with different diameters, different tensile strengths and different lengths. (PS: the actual product size and the picture will be different, depending on the specifications of the cord you buy)

How to use?

The strength marked on the specification is the maximum strength that the rope can be loaded. From the consideration of using safety and rope performance maintenance, it is recommended to use the strength in the range of 70%.

How to end the cord?

Because the cord is flame retardant, so you can't heat to melt the end. You can simply tie a knot or apply glue to make the end stronger.

How to store?

It is recommended to store away from light, long-term exposure to UV light will show slight fading, but it does not affect the use.

Color Yellow Black Black Yellow&Black Green&Red 7pcs set
Strength 100~1500lbs 50~1500lbs 50~1500lbs 80~400lbs 50~200lbs For line splicing
Length 50~200Ft 50~500Ft 500~1000Ft 500~1000Ft 500~1000Ft
Diameter 0.8~3.5mm 0.5~3.0mm 0.5~3.5mm 0.8~1.6mm 1~2mm
Material Kevlar Kevlar Kevlar Kevlar Dacron

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