Akataka Bass Fishing Rod, 2 Pcs Collaspible Baitcasting or Spinning Fishing Rod with X-Enhanced Rod Technology, Corrosion Resistant Guides, High Density EVA Grips

Color: spinning-6'11"-M
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  • 🎣【AKATAKA X-ENHANCED ROD TECHNOLOGY】-The X-enhanced Rod Technology creates a unique sensitivity, enhancing rod power and increasing blank strength which are core elements when hooksets and fish fighting.
  • 🎣【CORROSION RESISTANT ZIRCONIUM OXIDE GUIDES】-The Ideal guide spacing for maximizing casting performance with lower line friction.The Zirconium Oxide guide is very smooth and ensure the fishing line goes out smoothly along the casting rod rings and giving you a long-casting distance. In addition, it dissipates heat quickly, so the fishing line will not be damaged even if you spend a long time on fishing.
  • 🎣【MULTI TAPER BLACK DESIGN】-The Multi Taper Black design allows adding extra strength and sensitivity that can feel the bottom condition to recognize whether it is muddy, sandy or gravelly field.The put over insertion technology makes the two sections become a solid fishing rod, making you more comfortable in the process of fighting big fish.
  • 🎣【HIGH DENSITY EVA GRIPS】-High density split EVA handle gives maximum comfort in hand with durability, add to your control and fishing comfort; Special design on handle, more comfortable, which allow you to spent long days on the water with minimum fatigue.
  • 🎣【EXTREME EXPOSURE REEL SEAT】- Enhanced reel seat with corrosion resistant aluminum hoods; Full-Contact Reel Seat with Soft Touch finish. In addition, it also reduces the weight of the fishing rod and prevents you from fatigue even if having spent a long time on fishing.

Product Description


Akataka Mega Wave II Fishing Rods – X-enhanced Rod Technology, Multi Taper Black design 24 Ton Carbon Fiber, Casting and Spinning Rods.

  • The ideal of objectivity in AKATAKA is to contribute the superior performance gears to World Bass Fishing market with the superior value.
  • These ultimate gears are the consequence of infinite years of researches and development in world fishing industry and the latest in AKATAKA X-enhanced Rod Technology. The X-enhanced Rod Technology creates a unique sensitivity, enhancing rod power and increasing blank strength which are core elements when hooksets and fish fighting.
  • The renovate designed Mega Wave bass series includes the core technique specific rods with various filed conditions as well as overall spinning and casting actions with two different tactics in mind, durability and sensitivity.
  • If you are looking for competitive, specific purpose with satisfactory level bass rod in mind then take a moment to gaze at the Mega Wave line of bass rods where we have created the one for angler’s desire.


To select the place to fish whether fresh or saltwater?

• Akataka M’wave fishing rod is especially designed for freshwater Bass fishing. If you are a freshwater angler, don’t hesitate to choose it.

To choose the rod based on the field condition and lures are the key points.

• Mega Wave II 6’10” L, Ex-Fast action rod is extremely suitable in the water condition from open water to light cover. It has Ex-faste action with powerful back bone which can be a perfect tool for controlling drop shot, finesse soft bait, minnow &spinner baits.

What is the benefits of the graphite blank ?

• To compare with Fiberglass rod, the Graphite rod is much lighter, stiffer and also sensitive. The sensitive graphite blank is typically better at detecting light bites and to read the bottom structures. Also, the lighter graphite rod could prevents you from the fatigues for all day long fishing.

Consider Ex-fast action!

• Ex-fast action fishing rod has a stiffer backbone and is built more specifically for handling bigger fish that fights harder. Therefore, most bass anglers lean towards to Ex-fast action fishing rod.

ANTI-TANGLE Guide System

A special Anti-Tangle Frame helps to prevent the guides from the line twisting during the fishing especially when cast.

Non Slip Golf Grip

The special golf grip provides easier casts and to handle the rod in all day long fishing, reducing fatigues from hand, forearm to shoulder.

U-Shaped Hook Keeper

Stainless steel U-Shaped hook keeper is the humanized design which is very convenient.


Force-bearing point should be on the bottom of the rod, not the rod tip

Reel the slack line and to hook-set by reducing the rod angle to 45° or less that could take the pressure off from the tip of the rod.

To use a strong butt section's power when lifted the fish from the water to land.

To move the position of rod far from your body to reduce the pressure of tip part of the rod.

To apply the greater power when hook set, it is necessary to utilize the steady butt section of rod.

Model 2000,3000,4000 2000,3000,4000 Left Hand&Right Hand Casting Spinner, Minnow spinner, minnow
Gear Ratio 5.5:1 5.5:1 7.0:1 7'6"/7'1"/7'4" 7'1"/7'3"/6'10"/6'11" 6'6"/7'6"/7'1"
Ball Bearing 10+1 10+1 10+1 2 2 1
Max Drag(LB) 17.64-26.46 13.2-18.7 17.6 Medium Heavey M M
Weight(OZ) 8.8-12 9.1-13.1 8 Fast Fast Ex-Fast
IPT(in per turn) 20.08-27.95 26.8-28.8 25.5 8-17lb 10-14lb 10-27lb
Braid Line 3/8-1/2 1/4 - 5/8 1/4 - 1/2
Mono Line 10+1 9+1 8+1
Interchangeable Hand Retrive? × D Seaguie LA ring Fuji O ring

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