ANGRYFISH 4 Strands Super Strong Braided Fishing Line- Less Expensive -Zero Stretch -Small Diameter-Suitable for Novice Fishermen

Color: Purple
Size: 35LB/0.30MM-1000YD
Sale price$18.90
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  • 【HIGHLY ABRASION RESISTANT】4 strands smooth PE Line made from UHMWPE, the world's strongest PE fiber,incredible abrasion resistance, cut resistance, knot strength and low creep properties.
  • 【GREAT VALUE】Same quality, much less expensive.Wonderful tool for fishing enthusiast.
  • 【FEATURES】 Very suitable for novice fishermen to choose, helping you not to waste too much money while quickly learning fishing skills.
  • 【SMOOTH ROUND PROFILE】Smaller smoother profile reduces friction giving you longer casts with more accuracy.
  • 【INCREDIBLE CASTABILITY】Low Memory helps you achieve a better, farther casts, less chance of wind knots.

Product Description

  • AngryFish braid line pay more attention to the experience of the anglers.
  • We specialize in producing durable and quality fishing lines.
  • You no longer have to overpay for high quality fishing lines while keeping fishing fun.

You don’t have to worry about fraying or break-offs.

ANGRYFISH Celebrity is our fishing line specially designed for novice fishermen.

It's cheap and strong, so it's perfect for learning to fish.

If you are just starting to learn fishing, it will be your best choice.

Our fishing line will help you quickly learn fishing skills without wasting too much money.

ANGRYFISH Celebrity(150Y)

  1. Material : PE Fiber
  2. Length : 150Yds/137M
  3. Weight Capacity : 10LB-50LB
  4. Color : Purple / Dark Gray / Fluorescent Yellow
  5. Availability : Freshwater fishing/ice fishing/trout fishing/bass fishing

ANGRYFISH Celebrity(300Y、500Y)

  1. Material : PE Fiber
  2. Length : 300Yds/274M、500Yds/457M
  3. Weight Capacity : 10LB-50LB
  4. Color : Purple / Dark Gray / Fluorescent Yellow/Moss Green/Ocean Blue
  5. Availability : Freshwater fishing/saltwater fishing/ice fishing/trout fishing/bass fishing

ANGRYFISH Celebrity(1000Y)

  1. Material : PE Fiber
  2. Length : 1000Yds/914M
  3. Weight Capacity : 10LB-80LB
  4. Color : Purple / Fluorescent Yellow/Moss Green
  5. Availability : Freshwater fishing/saltwater fishing/ice fishing/trout fishing/bass fishing/tuna fishing etc.
Test Pound Range 10-80LB 15-70LB 5-200LB 16-90LB 5-35LB 2-31LB
Strands 4 Strands 9 Strands 4 Strands, 8 Strands 8 Strands,12 Strands / /
Spool Sizes 150Yds,300Yds, 500Yds,1000Yds 100M,300M,500M 327Yds,547Yds 125Yds,328Yds 300M 300Yds
Color Options Blue,Grey,Green, Purple,Yellow Blue,Blue Camo,Brow,Moss Green,Grey,Multi-Color,Yellow Green,Black,Blue, Yellow,Purple Green,Multi-Color,Pink,Purple GradientColor,BlueCamo,BrownCamo,GreenCamo Clear,Green,Yellow
Features Super Strong,Zero Stretch,Cost-effective,Suitable for Novice Fishermen Excellent Casting Distance and Smoothness,High strength,Widely used Compact weaving,Exclusive thin-coating tech,Exceptional strength & toughness,Smoother,Ultra-High Sensitivity Proprietary weaving tech, Extra thin diameter, Highly sensitive,Super slick Imitate the color of plankton in the water and reduce the vigilance of the fish. Suspend in water, Shock absorber, Ultimate strength, Knot friendly, low- & high-vis Options

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