BCOATH 4Pcs Hamster Cage Accessory Sleeping Nylon Pet Nest Breathable Sugar Puppy Hammock for Ferret Tier Bed Cat Guinea Playing Home Parrot Accessories Glider Small Hanging Mesh Rat

Color: Blackx4pcs
Size: 23X20X9CMx4pcs
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  • PET CAGE ACCESSORY-- ?? a hanging bed for your lovely small animals, making them sleep in a cooling bed.
  • RABBIT HAMMOCK-- ?? The size of this sleeping nest is suitable for hedgehog, guinea pig, hamster
  • GUINEA PIG FERRET TOYS-- Guinea Hammock Small Animal Cooling Bed The hammock can perfectly use the vertical space to expand the pets living space.
  • SUGAR GLIDER BED-- ?? The hanging nest provides enough cooling and comfort sleeping environment.
  • RAT HAMMOCKS-- ?? This house doesnt take up too much space but still provides pet with plenty of privacy.

Package List
4 x Small Pet Hammock
-Material: wood, nylon ferret hammock
- The hammock can be a great toy that will bring much fun for small pets hamster cage accessories.
- Made from wear-resistant material, which can use for a long time hedgehog hideout.
- The hammock is compact and lightweight, will not take up much space rat cage accessories.
- Made of comfortable material to ensure a good sleep and daily activities for pets ferret accessory.
- small pets such as hamster, guinea pig, hedgehog, sugar glider and so on sugar glider bed.
Goods Description
rat cage accessories Provide a for your pet.chinchilla nest There is a small pets nest.ferret accessory This adorable pet nest can keep your pet cooling and secure indoors, which is well made of premium material for and practical use.rat cage hammock The house is a comfortable place for the pet to play and rest

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