Bell+Howell Bionic Flood Light Max, 500 Lumen LED Solar Lights Outdoor Waterproof, Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor with 360° 3 Panel Swivel Design, Bionic Flood Light as Seen on TV

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  • Bionic Flood Light Max: Light up the night with Bell+Howell’s Floodlight Max Solar Powered Outdoor Floodlights- The Floodlight Max is completely wireless and is powered by the sun so no need to call a contractor to install. The motion sensor turns the bright flood light on when motion is detected and provides bright light wherever you place it, keeping unwanted intruders and pests of your property.
  • Solar Powered and Wireless: The solar powered design absorbs the PV cells from the sun during the day, powering the Flood Light and allowing it to illuminate for 1.5-2 straight hours during the night while saving you a countless amount of money on contractors and electricity bills.
  • Automatic Motion Sensor: The Bionic Flood Light Max has a high detection motion sensor able to detect any near by motion, automatically triggering all 3 panels. Once motion stops, the light will automatically turn off, making this the perfect option for security lights during the night.
  • Super Bright: The Flood Light Max is comprised of 120 High powered LEDs and emits 500 Lumens of bright light, enough to light up an area over 1,000 Square Ft, ensuring you get tons of light wherever needed.
  • Easy Installation: Installation is effortless with the Flood Light Max- Simply remove the Flood Light from the box and mount it outdoors to charge up from the sun. Once the sun goes down, watch your home light up whenever motion is detected.
  • 360° Swivel Design: Direct the light wherever you desire with the 3 panel, 360-degree swivel design- Each panel can be oriented in any direction, allowing you to direct the light on any piece of property you desire in seconds.
  • All Season Durability: Designed with customers in mind, the Flood Light Max is built to withstand extreme weather conditions and is completely waterproof, ensuring you have an outdoor security light for years to come.
  • Strobe Mode: The interchangeable strobe mode produces short bursts of bright light when motion is detected, scaring away small animals like racoons and possums as well as unwanted intruders.
  • Versatile Outdoor Light: The Flood Light Max comes with attachable mounting stakes, allowing you to effortlessly install the floodlight into any grass or soil while ensuring the lights won’t get dislodged.

SOLAR POWERED FLOODLIGHT – forget the contractor or even the toolbox, the Bionic Flood Light Max is wireless, powered by the sun and needs no installation or power. The motion activated function ensures the light turns on whenever you need it and lights up wherever you place it AUTOMATIC ACTIVATION and REMOTE CONTROL: The light is fully automatic, but it also comes with the convenience of a remote control with easy-to-use 1-touch buttons so you can control the mounted floodlight from the comfort of your bedroom or living room at night. MOTION SENSING and STROBE-READY: Nearby movement triggers all three panels of the Bionic Floodlight to activate at once and automatically shuts off a few seconds after the motion stops. Secondary option is an alert strobe light function that will scare away unwanted intruders and even small animals like racoons or opossums messing away with your trash. SUPER BRIGHT LEDs - 120 industrial-grade LED bulbs and 3.6 WATTS creates for a super bright floodlight that consumes very little energy. ADJUSTABLE PANELS - the Bionic Floodlight has 3 adjustable panels that can be oriented to any direction, allowing you to focus light output to a preferred or desired location around your home or on to a corner in your yard in seconds. 1000 SQUARE FT RANGE - the Bionic Spotlight’s powerful LED bulbs brighten up an area over 1,000 square feet. SOLAR-POWERED - the floodlight does not utilize electricity or batteries. Instead, it has a built-in solar panel that absorbs and stores clean, solar power during the day and uses up that same stored energy for an all-nights worth of illuminating power. The Bionic Floodlight comes wireless, allowing for an easy, quick, and hassle-free installation. Stake it in the ground or attach it vertically on a wall adjacent to a pathway. ALL-SEASON DURABILITY: The Bionic Floodlight is designed to withstands extreme conditions and the 4 seasons, and is useable all-year round, and remains fully operational.

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