Bioluz LED 4 Pack PAR38 LED Bulb 90 CRI 12W = 100-120 Watt Replacement Soft White 3000K Indoor/Outdoor Dimmable UL Listed Title 20 High Efficacy Lighting

Color: 5000k Cool White
Size: 8 Count (Pack of 1)
Sale price$71.90
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  • 💡 Over 14% Energy Savings vs Competing PAR38 LED Bulbs (12W vs 14W)
  • 💡 88% Energy Savings vs 100W Halogen Bulbs
  • 💡 Dimmable and Instant On – Smooth flicker-free dimming from 10%-100%
  • 💡 40 Degree Narrow Beam Angle – Bioluz LED PAR38 LED Bulbs are perfect spotlight bulbs for your 6” Canned Light fixtures
  • 💡 CEC Title 20 Compliant, RoHS and FCC Compliant and UL Listed

Bioluz LED PAR Series
Bioluz LED leads the industry with its new PAR Series light bulbs. Our unique eco-lens works to magnify 1050 powerful lumens into a 40 degree spot pattern replacing traditional 120 Watt PAR bulbs.
Now available in PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 sizes, Bioluz LED offers beautifully styled lamps for your home and office. Warm and bright, Bioluz high performance lamps offer aesthetically pleasing designs combined with quality and energy efficiency. Now for the first time, add Bioluz LED energy efficient LEDs to your home or office while maintaining the cosmetic beauty, brightness and color you've come to love.
What are CRI, Lumens and Kelvins?
Color Rendering Index
(CRI) is the measurement of how colors look under a light source when compared with sunlight. The index is measured from 0-100, with a perfect 100 indicating that colors under the light source appear the same as they would under natural sunlight.
Bioluz LED PAR38 LED Bulbs have a CRI of over 90! (versus competing LEDs with 80 or below).
Lumens are a measurement of how much light is generated – or brightness – each lumen emits approximately the same amount of light as one candle.
Bioluz LED PAR38 LED Bulbs produce 1050 Lumens!
Kelvin represents the "color" of the light emitted from the bulb and can range from Warm, Soft, Cool and Daylight White.
Bioluz LED PAR38 LED Bulbs are available in 3000K Soft White (nearly identical in color and brightness to Halogen Bulbs) and 5000K Daylight (emulating the bright natural tone of afternoon sunlight).

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