Bird Calcium Teeth Grinding Chew Treats Toy for Parrot Parakeet Cockatiel Conure Gerbil Rat Mouse Guinea Pig Chinchilla (Random Color)

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  • ❤【SIZE】5.23x1.77x1.77inch / 13.3x4.5x4.5cm.
  • ❤【POROUS MINERAL STONE】Special uneven surface design for better clean bird's mouth.
  • ❤【DELIGHTFUL】Small animals like colored things, you can spend hours watching them chew food.
  • ❤【FUN TO REST AND GRIND】Can be arbitrarily placed in cages, your little pets will gnaw by themselves.
  • ❤【KEEP FIT】Ideal for small pet gnawing pets to keep their teeth clean, healthy and trim, is great for mental stimulation.

Product Description

Helps to trim bird's beak while giving her a chew toy

  • Provide birds with the needed nutrients they need.
  • Bird beak grinding toy helps birds groom their beaks while providing calcium.
  • Ideal for small pet teeth grinding to keep their teeth clean and healthy.
  • Not only for budgies, parakeet, cockatiel, conure, also for hamster, mouse, gerbil and other rodents grinding teeth.

Attract parrot's attention

Keep birds healthy and entertained.

Easy to hang in the cage

Bird chew toys can be easily installed on the cage.

Healthy material

Made of minerals and rich in calcium for pet's health while trimming bird's beak.

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