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  • 🦜【Natural Material】: This parrot ladder bridge toy is composed of natural wood and stainless steel metal fittings, which are safe, eco-friendly and durable, ideal for birds to climb, play and jump. In addition, the surface of the bird ladder toy is sprayed with colored natural quartz sand to form a rough surface, which is more convenient for birds to grind their beaks and nails. Bird ladders are available in S-shaped or Z-shaped styles.
  • 🦜【Perfect Birdcage Accessories】: Install our colorful pet ladder bridge toy in a birdcage or rat cage, you can see your bird or rat climbing up and down the stairs step by step, fully expand the activity space of your pet, and you can also fully DIY your bird cage space so that your birds have a richer activity space.
  • 🦜【Small Animal Climbing Toys】: Hangable parrot ladder bridge toys are suitable for birds, rats, hamsters or other small animals to play and jump on the stairs, exercise their balance ability, and enrich their activities and content. This ladder bridge climbing toy is widely used for cage decoration and play for various birds, hamsters, rats, mice, gliders, ferrets, guinea pigs, lemmings, chicks, gerbils and other small animals.
  • 🦜【Easy to install】: During the assembly process of the S-shaped ladder, you only need to put the green accessories in the middle of the two S-shaped wooden bars, and then tighten the screws to complete the assembly. Then adjust the S-shaped ladder to the appropriate position in the bird cage, and then tighten the two butterfly nuts to complete the installation.
  • 🦜【Multi-purpose】: This bird ladder toy can be used as a ladder bridge in a bird cage, suitable for all kinds of small and medium birds, such as parakeets, cockatoos, ferrets, macaws and parrots, and also suitable for hamsters, mice, gerbils, chinchillas and other small animals for climbing.

Product Description

Your Bird's Favorite Wooden Ladder Bridge

Our colorful pet bird ladder bridge is the perfect accessory for your bird cage for your bird to use for jumping, nibbling and moving, enriching the variety of toys inside the bird cage. At the same time, our pet ladder bridge is not only suitable for all kinds of birds such as parrots, love birds, etc., but also suitable for all kinds of hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, etc. for entertainment use.

Plastic Protective Film

There is a protective film on the original packaging, please remove it manually before installation.

Colorful Ladder

Colorful ladders are both a climbing toy for birds and a decoration for your birdcage.

Bird Stand Perch Toy

This bird ladder bridge is made of natural wood, durable, bite-resistant, and very suitable for birds to play with.


L: 10.62"/27 cm

W: 4.33"/11 cm

H: 7.08"/18 cm

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