Bonka Bird Toys 6 Mini Sneakers Colorful Cotton Shredding Foraging Treat Chew Parrot Parakeets Cockatiels Conures and Similar Birds

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  • The 6 Mini Sneakers from Bonka Bird Toys are bright and colorful foot toys for your beaked buddy!
  • The bright colors, fun laces and natural cotton material make for the perfect shredding bird foot toy.
  • The mini sneakers are super versatile as they can easily be added to the cage and other bird toys!
  • The bottom of each mini sneaker is a soft bird safe rubber sole that feels great in beaks and feet.
  • The 1216 Mini Sneakers are 100% bird safe and measure about (3)" wide, (1.5)" tall and (1.25)" deep.

Product Description

The Mini Sneakers from Bonka Bird Toys!

Colorful easy to play wtih bird enticing foot toys!

The Mini Sneakers from Bonka Bird Toys are super bird enticing soft foot toys loved by pets! These colorful cotton small sized sneakers look wonderful in any cage with their bright colors and soft textures. Each sneaker comes in an assorted color all of them bright and bird pleasing. The sneakers are just like the real thing with actual laces, a rubber sole and a pullable tongue! The laces are very soft and easy to unknot making them very fun for pets to interact with and checkout. The laces also act as a convenient way for you to tie the mini sneaker up around the cage and aviary or to other mini sneakers! Each mini sneaker can be stuffed with your pets favorite treats, shredding or other material. When stuffed with shreddy paper the sneakers are irresistible to pet birds to come and play! The laces are strung through multiple holes in the sneakers that can be used to hang them with other items such as c-links. The Mini Sneakers are so delightful they can even be used for regular art and craft projects. In the classroom, at home for homework, for exciting laughs during role playing games and of course birdie foot toys, the Mini Sneakers are the ideal foot toy!

The Mini Sneakers are 100% bird safe and each measure about (3) inches wide, (1.5) inches tall and (1.25) inches deep.

  • Favorite pet bird foot toys!
  • Great combination of colors and textures.
  • Can be used in a variety of ways.
  • 100% bird safe.

Can be used in tons of different ways!

The Mini Sneakers are super flexible in the different ways they can be used to entertain your pet. As they imitate actual sneakers with their real parts you can get very creative in how you use the sneakers. They can easily be stuffed with foraging material, shredding stuffs, treats and other items as seen in the picture. As the laces string through real holes you can hang them with all types of hangers, twine and materials. The rubber soles are easy to pierce and also can be combined in countless different fun ways!

Loads of fun with different pack size options.

With many mini sneakers in the pack you and your pet can start having fun right away! The sneakers are very soft with their natural cotton material and super easy for pets to manipulate. The laces are very easy to untie and make for another part of the sneaker that's convenient for pets to grab and pull. The bright colors make the sneakers stand out in any cage environment they're installed in enticing your pet to come and have fun!

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