BUDEFO Travel Portable Baitcasting Fishing Rods Spinning and Casting Rod 24 Ton Carbon 6Ft-11Ft 3Pc and 4Pc Fishing Pole

Style: Casting-8'0"-3pcs/Mh
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  • The body of the fishing rod is made of high elastic carbon fiber material, which is soft and coriaceous, with strong resilience. It can give full play to the rebound sensitivity of the rod blank and greatly improve the operating strength of the rod body
  • In order to improve the throwing performance, the rod body is made of high strength materials, which bring higher strength for the rod body, further inhibiting the twisted strengthening structure, and effectively inhibiting the shaking of fishing, so that the stability of the rod body is greatly improved
  • The power conduction perception is adopted to go through the rod body, and after reasonable spinal canal coordination design, the power conduction between internodes is more sensitive, so that it can clearly capture the slight vibration when the fish bites the hook
  • Cool appearance and exquisite workmanship bring you a better fishing experience. There is a 23-inch measuring ruler design on the rod body, so that you can measure the size of the fish when fishing.
  • Regardless of the fishing area, the convenience of carrying the fishing rod is a priority. The fishing rod is designed by the combination of 3 parts +4 parts, which can be stored in a fishing bag, a trunk of a car, a boarding box, etc. It is also suitable for traveling, cycling or walking

Product Description

Lightweight competitive wheel base is with stability, durability, long grip is not easy to fatigue and other characteristics. There are SPINNING and CASTING models with multiple sizes to choose from

High quality smooth guide ring is characterized by strong heat dissipation and high smoothness. It can significantly reduce the wear and tear on the fishing line, providing strong support for long-distance casting

24T high-strength elastic carbon fabric can apply strong wrapping to the rod body and strengthen the rod's anti-breakage ability from seven dimensions, as well as light weight, thus further inhibiting the rod's distortion

Reserved plug design is to prevent the plugging and unplugging for a long time, and to extend the service life of the rod

The one-piece molded triangle grip has a dramatically increased vibration rate. It is designed for improved stability when controlling the bait and fighting fish, and the V-shaped bottom allows for proper orientation when casting and easier correction of the dummy bait track

The rod comes with a 23-inch scale, which makes it easier to measure the size of the fish being caught

The rods are packed in cardboard box + PVC foam tube (the thickness is more than 3MM) + shock absorbing EPE FOAM design, which can deliver the package to you as complete as possible

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