Bvanki Bird Rope Toys,49 Inch Long Parrot Bungees Rope Toys, Large Medium and Small Parrot Toys Spiral Standing Toys (Medium 49 Inch)

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  • 1. Pure natural cotton parrot toy material :pure cotton,steel wire, bell ,plastic connector.
  • 2.The larger and medium kind parrot climbing rope toys is made from cotton rope and bends into a spiral swing.
  • 3.Suitable for small and medium-sized parrots and it creates a place for them to climb and allows them to chew.
  • 4.The wire is made from steel wire, and is coated with a layer of cotton rope and is both sturdy and durable. This rope is also highly flexible and bends to your wishes.
  • 5. The cotton wire toy is suitable for a wide variety of parrots and birds.

Materials: Cotton + Steel wire + bell +Plastic connector.
Size: 124.46cm
1.Suitable these small and medium kind of parrots and birds all over the world.
2.Such as:Caiques, Conures, Quakers and Ringnecks,amazona ,gray parrot,eclectus roratus,cockatoo,Cockatiel, african greys,
eclectus,Small cockatoos and mini macaws, CAG,Jingles,sun conure,alexandrine,eclectus,rope bungee bird etc.
3.Notice: All kind of parrot /birds toys made natural food coloring and material.
All of toys we can guarantee safety and heathy for parrot and birds use.

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