Canssape Set of 6 Nature Wall Decor Botanical Wall Art Prints 8X10In Beige Sage Green Room Decor Aesthetic Love Wall Decor for Bedroom Botanical Posters for Living Room Wall Decor Landscape Poster Unframed (Beige Sage)

Color: beige sage
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  • We have selected high-quality pattern materials for your room. Each of our posters has been strictly screened to ensure that the colors and patterns of the pictures are harmonious. Hanging these posters on the wall will make your room more three-dimensional and enhance the style of your room.
  • Use more textured materials-these posters are made of canvas, not ordinary paper. This material will make the picture more textured and increase the artistry of the poster. You will find that there are neat textures on the canvas, which will make the poster look more layered.
  • High-definition pictures, soft colors. We use Japanese printers to make posters to ensure that the colors of the posters reach the best level. This printer can make the colors of the pictures closer to the real colors and make the pictures look softer. And our posters go through strict quality inspection procedures, the purpose is to make your posters reach your hands in the best condition.
  • Healthy and environmentally friendly pigments-We use the official Japanese inks. This ink has passed the international environmental protection seriously. You can hardly smell the scent of the poster, and it will not affect the indoor air quality.
  • ✔Please note that the posters are not framed. You can choose your favorite frame to frame these posters in any store.

Hello my friend! Welcome to Canssape Painting. Here you will start a wonderful artistic journey! In fact we have been in the wall art industry for 8 years, our clients are all over Europe, America, Asia. In the past 8 years, we have accumulated rich experience in product design, and we know more about what kind of pictures are more suitable for wall decoration. Of course everyone has their own style. Some people love scenery prints because the style makes you happy, after all who doesn't love the beauty of the outdoors? Some people like abstract art, styles like this will make the room more artistic, they can give you an elegant feel. Wall art prints also have many subdivided types, such as boho wall art, matisse wall poster, minimalist wall art. You just have to choose according to your preferences.

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