Ceramic Chicken Nesting Eggs (Brown) - Fake Training Eggs for Laying Chickens, Hen Nest Boxes & Home Decoration

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  • Encourage your hens to lay their eggs in their nest boxes with these decoy / training eggs
  • Discourage chickens from pecking and eating eggs
  • Use fake eggs to test a hen for broodiness
  • Package includes 2 brown ceramic eggs (Made in USA)
  • Realistic design and craftsmanship make these eggs great for home decoration or arts & crafts too

You won’t be eating these eggs anytime soon but they have many other great uses!

ALWAYS FIND YOUR EGGS: Train your laying hens to always lay their eggs in the right place (i.e. the next box) by placing these ceramic eggs there as a cue. Chickens are good at taking a hint!

SAVE THE EGGS! Pecking a fake eggs gets old so you can use this set of dummy eggs to discourage your hens from pecking and eating real eggs.

IS SHE REALLY BROODY? Test a hens seriousness about hatching some eggs by using ceramic eggs (they won’t go bad so you don’t have to risk good eggs on the test).

NOT JUST FOR THE COOP: Life-like ceramic eggs are also great for home decoration and mess-free craft projects for kids.

WHAT’S INCLUDED? 2 brown ceramic eggs (typical chicken sized eggs - Length 2.25 in). Made in the USA.

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