Cheefun 7Pcs Chicken Toys for Coop: Bird Hens Chicken Coop Accessory - Chicken Xylophone Mirror & Pecking Toys for Chicken Bird Parrot

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  • Chicken Coop Must Haves - Our toy set include 1 chicken xylophone toy with bell, 1 chicken swing, 1 chicken ladder bridge, 1 chicken mirror toys, 1 chicken pecking toys, 1 Vegetable Fruit Skewer Hanging Feeder and 1 chicken veggies string bag.
  • Safe & Healthy Chicken Toys - Made of natural wood and metal and dyed with vegetable paint, are safe for your pets to play with. Our chicken toys for coop are designed with convenient chains and hooks, which you can easily install on the fence, cage, and coops.
  • Practical Functions - not only provide fun to chicken life, relieve their boredom, hanging clean food, but also attract chickens to gather together can stimulate their foraging and fighting behavior, sometimes can increase egg production for hens, are practical and useful tools for you.
  • Chicken Ladder Swing & Xylophone Toys - 2 types of chicken swing toys, natural wooden chicken swing perches, and colorful wooden bridge ladders which are long enough for chickens, hens, or large birds to stand on them. The chicken xylophone toy is made of a natural pinewood base and 8 metal keys, specially designed for chicken entertainment, providing fun for chicken
  • Chicken Coop Accessories - These toys are so easy to install, they can be hung from branches or coops, and fit into most coop sizes. Draw the attention of chickens or parrots to play on, and provide fun and entertainment for chickens, birds, and parrots.

Product Description

Chicken Ladder

Colorful wooden bridge ladder: the chain is strong and durable, can bear a certain weight, is suitable for chickens of all breeds and ages to use in cages.

Chicken Xylophone Toy

Chicken xylophone toy is made of wood, key made by metal; When your chicken pecks at it, and it makes crisps and beautiful sounds. The grinding stone that is rich in mineral for the hens, birds, chicks to peck and play with.

Chicken Mirror Toy

Made of natural wood, dyed with orange coating. When your chickens peck themselves in the mirror, they won't get bored; Bells hanging under the mirror, and when the chickens peck it, the tinkling sound will make them very curious.

Chicken Swing

The swing (19.7 inches) is made of natural wood with a rough surface, which is good for the chicks to secure their feet on it.

Vegetable Fruits Hanging Feeder

Hanging chicken feeder includes: stainless steel vegetable fork (24 inches) and handwoven nylon rope mesh bag (26.8 inches), long enough to string cabbage, lettuce, carrots, corn and apples, etc.

Chicken Pecking Toy

Entertaining and Practical Chicken toys, not only provide fun and entertainment for roosters and hens but stimulate chickens' natural gathering, and foraging behaviors by pecking and playing with these chicken toys.

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