Cookina Cuisine & Parchminium Non-Stick Cooking Sheet Combo Pack

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  • Saves Money - Cookina Cooking Sheets are the reusable, dual-sided 100% non-stick alternative to aluminum foil, wax paper, and parchment paper
  • Saves Time - Cookina's easy cleanup takes less than a minute, plus it virtually eliminates the need to clean baking sheets, pans, oven racks, grill grates, catch trays, and microwave platters
  • Eat Healthier - Cookina eliminates the need for additional cooking sprays or butter, so you can easily cook with less fat and calories while retaining the delicious flavor and nutrients in your food
  • Safe to Use - Cookina is constructed from high-quality materials, is ideal for high temperatures, and holds no odors or flavors from previous uses--even with fish, poultry, and marinades
  • This pack includes one Cookina Cuisine Non-Stick Cooking Sheet (15.75" x 23.62"), one Cookina Parchminum Non-Stick Cooking and Presentation Sheet (11.81" x 15.75"), and two Cookina Storage Rings

Cookina Non-Stick Reusable Cooking Sheets help you save money and cut clean up time, all while delivering delicious food with less fat and fewer calories. These 100% non-stick surfaces are constructed with high quality food-safe materials that allow cooks to easily manage meats, veggies, and more. They're perfect for ovens, microwaves, baking sheets, frying pans, and other cooking surfaces. Cookina is dual-sided and reusable, making it far less expensive over time than cooking with aluminum foil, parchment, wax paper, or cooking sprays. Cookina Cuisine and Parchminum Sheets release food easily, eliminating the need to add fattening cooking sprays or oils to your food. The silver surface of the Cookina Parchminum is especially suited for food presentation and non-stick serving convenience. Cooking with Cookina Non-Stick Surfaces helps keep your oven clean. And since Cookina rests on top of cooking surfaces, your pans, baking sheets, and racks stay clean and ready to use again. Clean-up with Cookina is incredibly easy and takes less than a minute--simply wipe it clean in soapy water after use. There's no need to scrub or scour, plus Cookina is dishwasher safe. Using Cookina is far easier than having to scrape food debris from ovens, racks, and pans. Cookina holds no odors or flavors from previous uses, even with fish, poultry, or marinated food. Its thin, tough construction can be cut to fit your cooking surfaces with no loss of performance. Cookina Cooking Sheets have a maximum operating temperature of 550 degrees (288 C.). They are constructed with non-toxic and chemically inert PTFE (popularly known as Teflon). Each double-sided non-stick surface is incredibly durable and 5 times thicker than what is found in most non-stick frying pans.

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