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  • Ceramic base is more stable, plastic plant odorless, rust-free, does not affect the water quality in the tank.
  • There are 11 different styles, different colors of plants, the height is about 12 to 16 cm.
  • Easy to clean - The smooth surface is also very easy to wipe and keep clean. Please rinse it and soak for more than 4 hours!
  • With the water swaying, the simulation plants create a true underwater world for the fish.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – in order to give you a better customer experience we promises a full refund to any dissatisfied customers.

Product Description

  1. This set would fit 5 to 18 gallon and up aquarium nicely.
  2. With 11 different man-made plants, you can match different shapes at will and let your fish enjoy a colorful underwater world.
  3. The artificial plants are made of high quality plastic with ceramic bases and no metal, and put these plants in your fish tank will not hurt your fishes.

  1. Low maintenance
  2. Artificial plants don't need specialised caring. so their presence has no effect on fish.

  1. Easy To Clean
  2. Transfer the plants from the tank to a clean container, remove the sediment with a soft brush, rinse with clean water, and dry overnight to make them look new (do not use soap or detergent when cleaning)

  1. Note:
  2. When you receive the plants, the leaves may be folded. This is a very normalphenomenon and you don't need to worry about it. Simply put the product in thewater for a while and it will return to normal shape.
  3. Rinse and soak the plant in warm water for 30 minutes, to relax the fabric and give them an even more realistic look. Place it into the aquarium, sinking the ceramic base into the gravel.

Lifelike aquarium plants decorate, let the fish experience the real underwater world, happy to swim in the leaves and hide.

  1. Material: High quality plastic and ceramic
  2. Length: 4 to 4.5 inch(Sizes are approximate)
  3. Colors: Red,Green,Purple,Pink,Blue

  1. Package Contents:
  2. 11 Pack Artificial Plants(11 totally different styles)
  3. The total weight: 180 g
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