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  • DEAD DOWN WIND SCENT PREVENT TECHNOLOGY: Dead Down Wind odorless and unscented sheets are great for keeping you scent free in the woods and safe for a wide range of garment materials like carbon, technical, natural & synthetic
  • ANTI-STATIC GUARD BUILT IN: The Dead Down Wind laundry dryer sheets detergent help eliminates odors for all hunting garments and hunting accessories and that's why they are wet coming out of the package
  • SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Odor elimination helps remove all traces of human scent. Enzyme formulations include ingredients that are effective and safe for sensitive skin
  • SCENT ELIMINATOR FOR HUNTING: Our Laundry Dryer Sheets are gentle on humans and the environment
  • DRYER SHEET SIZE: 8" x 7" sheets saturate, 30 count

Product Description

Dead Down Wind's focus has always been to produce the safest, most effective products possible by using science as our foundation. We are driven to develop products capable of eliminating the toughest and widest range of odors. Contrary to what a competitor may claim... there isn't a single product that is effective on EVERY type of odor.

Scent prevention is a process and a routine. Hunters plan and strategize each and every season on how to go undetected for that opportunity of a lifetime. The goal being to reduce your odor signatures to the lowest possible level.

From the beginning, Dead Down Wind has led the way - using real science and developing specific products to control the odors that matter.

The Key to Every Hunt is Preparation

Dead Down Wind does not offer cover scents. Scent Prevention is a discipline and process that requires a complete system that focuses on our three-phase system. Laundry, Hygiene, and Field which actively work together to kill bacteria, not just covering odor but annihilating it right at the source.

Eliminate the Primary Source of Scents - You

Prep for the woods with a new showering experience that will not only hide odor but annihilate it. With Dead Down Wind’s ScentPrevent Technology, enzymes actively work to seek and destroy bacteria right at the source and make the way we wash a whole new routine.

Eliminate Your Scent - Don't Just Cover It

Use the field spray on any and all of your hunting gear and terminate a wider range of odor-causing bacteria to eliminate your scent in the woods instead of just masking it.

Play the Wind

Wind can bust you or wind can hide you. The Wind Scout from Dead Down Wind detects the slightest wind direction using advanced vapor technology. Close the distance with the Wind Scout.

Maximize Results Laundry - Hunt Prep Laundry - Hunt Prep Laundry - Hunt Prep Field - Hunt Field - Post Hunt

Shop Our All-in-One Kits

Base Camp Wilderness Essentials

CAMPING & HUNTING ACCESSORIES KIT: All of the camping and hunting hygiene gear you need for the woods. Add these travel bottles to your backpack for the ultimate camping supplies set. Stay scent free and clean for your next camping or hunting trip.

26 PIECE KIT: Full Body Bathing Wipes (2 Ct), Camp Wash Towels (20 Ct), 4 oz. Camp Soap, 8 oz. Rinse Free Body Wash & Shampoo, Bar Soap & Travel Case, Toothbrush Holder

Super Slam Premium Pack

SUPER SLAM VALUE PACK: Scent Elimination doesn’t start in the field. The All-New Super Slam Premium kit will equip you for all phases of the hunt and provide you with the essentials necessary after a successful harvest.

25 PIECE KIT: This Hunting Accessories Kit includes (6) Laundry Bombs; (12) Dryer Sheets; (1) 12 oz. Field Spray; (2) Pac-It Refills; (20) Wash Towels; (1) 12oz. Body & Hair Soap; (1) Wind Detector; (1) Aftermath Field Dressing Kit.

Trophy Hunter Bundle

HUNTING ACCESSORIES KIT: All of the hunting scent elimination gear you need for the woods. Add these travel bottles to your hunting pack for the ultimate hunting set. Stay stealthy out there.

10 PIECE KIT: The Hunting Value Pack includes (1) 8oz. Laundry Detergent; (1) 12oz. Field Spray; (1) 16oz. Field Spray Refill; (3) Pac-It Refills; (1) 5-Color Face Paint; (1) 4. 5oz. Bar Soap; (1) Travel Case; (1) SPF 30 Lip Balm.

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