DITRIO 12pcs Underglow RGB LED Strip Light Kit DC 12V with 2 Red Blinking Brake Light Styles for Motorcycles Trikes Golf Carts ATVs UTVs – M12r

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Size: 12PCS strips LED kit - M12r
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  • ➤Quality & Reliability as Priorities: LED strip kits for motorcycles have difficult working conditions – fluctuating voltages, instantaneous higher currents etc., this LED strip kit focuses on how to make it work and last.
  • ➤Maximum Brightness: LEDs with gold bonding wires – 30% higher electrical conductivity, 3.55% more light than the cost-effective material copper; 60 LEDs per meter, up to 1,000 Lumens per meter.
  • ➤Bigger Capacities for Brighter Bikes: 3 x 3A big MOSFETs, wires of AWG 22 & 24, ensuring strips more than enough power supply even you double the strips for a bright “Christmas tree”.
  • ➤2 Additional Blinking Brake Lighting Styles: Besides the default solid red light as an additional brake signal, M12r now comes with 2 blinking styles, available via the 24-key remote.
  • ➤Music Mode: An independent microphone in the control box, gold-plated pins, a 60X sensitivity, beautifully follows the rhythms of your music.

Product Description

LED strip kits appear to be identical, but actually they can be very different inside.

  • Some technical details are critical for their performance and reliability.
  • It’s better to pick a good design, which has taken them into consideration.
  • After all, you will need to spend time or money on installation.

For each component and each material, DITRIO takes quality as a priority over cost.

  • The contents below explain some of the key points.
  • They will help you understand what they are and why they matter.


More Durable, Flexible and Less Likely For LEDs to Fail

DITRIO chooses dual-layer PCBs for the LEDs and cover them with transparent silicone extrusions.

  • The dual-layer PCBs are more resistant to pulling, bending or twisting, which are common causes for the LEDs to go off on single-layer PCBs.
  • The silicone extrusion is an upgraded industrial technique, not bringing negative chemical reaction on LEDs, which shortens their life span.
  • Last but not least, silicone extrusions are more flexible for curved surfaces, even without a hot wind gun to preheat.


Prevent Rapid Changes in Power Supply That Can Cause Circuit Failures

The current goes multiple times higher and the voltage jumps up to 15V when the engine starts.

These dramatic changes can be fatal for electrical components and the circuit board may fail.

  • Use an inductor as a protection device for current transients to ensure that the current cannot change instantaneously
  • Use a capacitor to preserve voltage by storing energy in an electric field to maintain the voltage as near unity as possible
  • They work together to clean up the power supply for the circuit, so it works and lasts.


2 Built-In Features Against Abnormal Conditions

Needless to say, you will install the LED strips properly, but sometimes unexpected issues may occur.

Therefore, DITRIO designs the circuit with 2 self-protective functions to withstand short circuits and reverse connection.

  • The circuit cuts off automatically when a short circuit occurs, and goes back to normal after the short circuit is removed.
  • You won’t damage anything in case you mistakenly reverse the connection of the red and the black wires for power supply.


Get It Back to Work in a Plug & Play Way

We use a waterproof fast locking connector to connect the kill switch to the control box.

You won’t need to remove the whole control module if it malfunctions.

  • Replacement is available upon request for after sales service.


1). RGB LED Strips

  • 4 x 12.7” LED strips, with 18 LEDs each strip
  • 4 x 8.7” LED strips, with 12 LEDs each strip
  • 4 x 4.7” LED strips, with 6 LEDs each strip
2). Control Box and Wires

  • Control box (with a kill switch and an inline fuse)
  • 1 x 4-Key RF remote
  • 1 x 24-Key RF remote
  • 1 x 1-2way splitters (AWG22 for power supply)
  • 2 x 1-2way splitters (AWG24 for splitting into 4 zones)
  • 4 x 1-3way splitters
3). Installation Assistant Items

  • 1 x Velcro sticker for remotes
  • 2 x Ring terminals
  • 1 x Double sided adhesive for control box
  • 1 x Instructional booklet
  • 1 Bunch x zip ties for organizing wires


  • Material for LED Strips: Silicone Extrusion
  • Input Voltage: DC 10 - 30V
  • Working Temperature: 30°F - 110 °F
  • Effective Range of RF Remote: 30 ft
  • IP68 Waterproof for LED strips (not for remotes & control box)
  • Nominal power: Maximum 36 watts
  • Battery draw: Approximately minimum 0.5A at DC 12V
  • Battery draw: Approximately maximum 1.7 A at DC 12V

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