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  • Material: The whole is made of metal, the built-in steel tube is made of stainless steel, strong and durable without rust; The handle is made of rubber, which is comfortable to hold and anti-slip and wear-resistant; Size: 16x55 cm/6.3x21.65 inches.
  • Design: Ergonomic handle, wear-resistant and non-slip; pressure relief safety valve design, simple operation; equipped with pressure indicator, more clear. Aluminum alloy base not easy to corrode and rust, and it is suitable for all environments. The air outlet is designed with a female threaded hole and can be connected with the connecting rod and the leather tube without falling off.
  • Functions: There is no need to use hazardous chemicals to corrode your pipelines, leading to frequent pipe replacements. Our plungers make cleaning easy and comfortable, saving you a lot of water repair costs.
  • Easy to Use: It uses a burst of compressed air to generate shock waves (kinetic energy) to clear the clogged sink in the fastest way without worrying that it will harm the pipeline. Pumping is more labor-saving, thickening the pump, only need 25-30 or so to increase the pressure to 0.4MPA
  • Wide Use: With different configuration plunger heads, it can be used in toilets, washbasins, bathtubs, showers, sinks, squatting pans, floor drains, pipe blockages, etc. It is used to deal with all kinds of clogging caused by various garbage, such as hair, cloth, tea, leaves, grease, oil, etc.

Dimensions : 180*533mm

Pipe diameter: 30-130mm

Air chamber size: 118-350mm

Product pressure: 0.7MPa

Machine weight: 3.9KG





Multi-purpose cups:

1. The tip is facing down: it can dredge the pipes below the nozzle, such as floor drains and water drains.

2. Flat mouth down: Suitable for pipes with large caliber, such as toilet

Extension hose: When there is an obstacle above the nozzle, the dredger may not work, and the hose extension can be used.

Package list:

1* sealing plug (used to seal the nozzle to prevent splashing during deflation, allowing high pressure gas to fully act on the blockage)

1* toilet special plug (added to the special ladder for the ladder, the main unit is supplied with pressure and stored high)

1* Extension hose (If the operation above the nozzle is dedicated to the ball-passing horse-operated pipe, the gas is blocked and the one-button venting is insufficient, it can not be used directly, you can extend the pipe to the nozzle)

1* dredge

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