ECLIPSE SWING Bracket - Use Any Size Lumber - ONE Bracket for Swing Set A-Frame (Wonderful White)

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  • USE WITH ANY THICKNESS OF LUMBER. Yes, that means you can use a larger beam than the typical 4x6 if you like, such as a 4x8, 6x6, or 8x8 — Free to design your own perfect A-frame! (The first two images are with a 6x6 beam.)
  • TIGHT, WOBBLE-FREE, HASSLE-FREE fit every time. (Never have to plane down lumber to fit! And never a wobble from loose fit!) Patent Pending.
  • MADE IN THE U.S.A. Made of heavy gauge steel plate - more than 1/8” thick. High temperature powder coat. Wide 60 degree angle between legs. (No need to set feet in concrete!)(Which also means you can move the set to prevent lawn bald spots!)
  • INCLUDES ONE BRACKET. Purchase 2 of these brackets to build an A-frame swing set. HARDWARE NOT INCLUDED. Purchase hardware separately for the size lumber you will use. Can be used with 3/8” thick bolts, or 1/2” bolts.
  • INCLUDES FULL INSTRUCTIONS for building typical swing set A-frame from a separately purchased 4x6 beam and 4x4 legs, with ideas and tips for building sets with larger beams.

Color:Wonderful White

Nearly all swing set brackets sold in the marketplace suffer from A-frame wobble resulting from imprecise mating of the lumber to the bracket. Even if you somehow start with lumber that is the precise exact measurement for the bracket you are working with, as soon as the lumber shrinks further your a-frame structure will become wobbly. It just has to do with the poor bracket designs that have been around for decades. The ECLIPSE SWING bracket, patent pending, by design will achieve a tight, snug, wobble-free fit every time. No worrying about the exact size of your lumber—in fact, you can use almost any size lumber. All lumber will fit tight, as one, with the bracket, with no hassle ever. The bracket ships with instructions for easily making the typical swing set A-frame (see fourth image) from a 4x6 beam and 4x4 legs, with no lumber cuts required. Ideas and tips are also offered for building sets with bigger beams, and for A-frame designs that require some lumber cuts for a different look. No hardware/bolts are included with the bracket for the reason that this bracket fits different sizes of lumber that all require different sizes of bolts. The bracket is made in the U.S.A. from 10-gauge (the lower the gauge number the thicker the steel) steel plate, which is over 1/8” thick. It is finished with a high temperature powder coating. The angle between the legs of the bracket is 60 degrees, so the swing set feet will not want to lift or rock when the kids are swinging. This means you not be tasked with the heavy labor of setting the set legs in concrete, and also means you will be free to move or shift the set to different spots in the yard to prevent bald spots in lawn. Do not use a top beam longer than 12 feet. And without some modifications noted in the instructions, do not use longer than 10 foot legs for the A-frame, or put more than 400 pounds on the A-frame structure. Always select flat ground for the location of the swing set structure.

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