Elope Bug Insect Bee Antennae Costume Headband Standard

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  • Hand Wash Only
  • Size: Standard
  • Plastic headband with fabric covering
  • Antennas are bendable
  • Headband is standard size (one size fits most)

Once More, With Feelers Whoa! Hold up, there, buddy! We see you're all set to hit the town in your awesome bug costume. And while we applaud your somewhat less conventional approach to costumes, we cannot—we repeat, CANNOT—let you loose on that party without your antennae. Don't you know how important they are? Not only do they fully complete your costume, but antennae are also your main sense organs! They help you take in the world through touch and smell...and don't you think you'll want to take this night in, fully? A bug without its antennae is a sad fate. You'll be disoriented. You'll be in danger. And you won't really look like a bug at all! Whew! We're glad we caught you in time.  Product Details This helpful pair sits atop your head by way of a black headband you can situate comfortably. The bendable antennae can be styled to your liking, but as long as you have them on, we'll be pretty happy! Doesn't the world just come to life with them on? Bug Out Just remember, now that you're a bug, the world will seem different. There are exciting new sights, smells, and sounds to sense. Your perspective may be different, but you're still you, so have fun and remember to take it all in! - Headwear

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