Eurobuy Parrots Chewing Toy Set Natural Wood Hanging Hammock Bird Cage Swing Toys Bird Cage Accessories for Parakeets Cockatiels

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  • Natural Material: Made of natural logs, corn husks, loofah and other materials, it is safe and non toxic, and does not harm the health of pets.
  • Toy Set: Includes different types of bird entertainment toys, which can be arranged in multiple layers to provide birds with an ideal swing, chewing and climbing experience.
  • Easy To Install: Comes with installation fixing accessories, which can be easily connected to the bird cage, allowing pets to play and exercise happily.
  • Multi Function: Not only a bird's toy, but also a decorative and beautifying bird cage, with a fruit fork, which can also feed the birds while exercising.
  • Rugged And Durable: Well made, bite resistant and very durable, it can provide your pet bird with hours of fun every day, it is the perfect gift for them.

Item Type: Bird Toy
Material: Logs, Corn Husks, Loofah
Purpose: Bird Toy
Package List:1 x Rotating Stand 1 x Ladder1 x Swing1 x Loofah String1 x Corn Husk String1 x Colorful Bead Suspension Bridge10 x Sepak Takraw2 x Fruit Fork

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