Evergreen Helper Christmas Tree Watering System (+ Plant Preservative) | A Happy, Healthy, Hydrated Christmas Tree Never Has a Dry Stand | Made in USA

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Material Type: Plastic
Size: Standard 6 Quart with Plant Preservative
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  • KEEP YOUR TREE HAPPY, HEALTHY and HYDRATED. Your EverGreen Helper was designed by a plant scientist who knows that a happy, healthy Christmas tree always has water in its stand. Your EverGreen Helper works with all stands and is the best way to increase the amount of water in your stand and available to your tree.
  • READY TO USE. Unpack it, mark it, fill it.
  • EASY TO USE CLEAR CONTAINER. Effortlessly see if your stand needs water and easily add water. NO knocking off your ornaments. NO moving your gifts around. NO sticking your finger somewhere. NO trying to get water in some small awkward opening. NO spilling water. NO pumping. NO electronics.
  • INCLUDED: A 4 qt square water reservoir, a decorative green lid, a fat twist tie, 3 ft of tubing, plant preservative packs and instructions. YOU SUPPLY: Your tree, a tree stand, a pen, a pitcher and water.
  • CLIMATE FRIENDLY. For each EverGreen Helper sold, a tree is planted in our National Forests. In addition, LevGo has secured double carbon offsets, for climate-friendly, carbon negative production.

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