Firefly 5/16-Inch Diameter Aluminum Wick Holders with 2.6mm Cotton Wick for Oil Lamps and Candles - 10 Pack

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Size: 2.6 MM
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  • ABOUT THE WICK HOLDER: The Barrel Diameter of the Aluminum Wick Holder is 5/16 inch. The Head of the Barrel (Widest Dimension) is 1/2 inch. The Height of the Wick Holder is 9/16”. The Wicks are Threaded Through a 1/16-Inch Drilled Hole in the Wick Holder. The Barrel Diameter is the Most Important Size Specification You Need to Know. Be Sure that Your Oil Candle will Accommodate a 5/16-Inch Diameter Wick Holder.
  • ABOUT THE WICK: The Wick is a Round, Tubular, Woven, Cotton Wick. The Diameter is a little less than 1/8 Inch (2.6mm). The Length of the Wick is 5-1/2 Inches. It’s The Wick We Use in ALL Firefly Refillable Oil Candles with the Exception of Firefly Pillar Candles Where We Use the 3.6mm (3/16 inch) Wicks. You Will Receive a 10-Pack of Aluminum Wick Holders Threaded with 5-1/2 Inch-Length Wicks.
  • WHERE TO USE: These Wicks and Holders are very SMALL. Suitable for the following Firefly Refillable Liquid Candles - Bliss Petite, 2-, 3-, 5-Ounce Votives, Tealights, Aura, Zen Petite, Transcend, Ethereal Oil Candles. For Use in Ceramic, Stainless, Glass Oil Lamps, DIY Mason Jar Candles Requiring a SMALL ROUND, TUBULAR WICK. If you are unsure if these will work for you, just send us an email of call us. DO NOT ORDER if you are not sure. We Have a Very Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff. WHERE NO
  • TIP 1: With Proper Care, Your Replacement Wicks Will Last a Very Long Time. When the Performance of the Wick Declines, That is an Indication that the Wick Needs to Be Trimmed. Simply Push Up, Cut the Scorched Area and Reset to Just a Nub Above the Wick Holder. This will Conserve Fuel and Eliminate Smoke When Using a Quality, Smokeless Fuel Like Firefly Safe and Green, Clean, or Paraffin Lamp Oil. DO NOT Use Vegetable, Olive Oil, or Mineral Oil.
  • TIPS 2 and 3: Never Let Your Candle Run Out of Fuel as You Will Burn the Wick. This Will Reduce the Life of Your Wick. (TIP 3) Oops! You Pulled the Wick Out of The Wick Holder. What Now? Dental Floss. See The Instructional Video Below.

Size:2.6 MM

Pack of 10 Firefly Brand aluminum wick holders threaded with 5-1/2 inches of 2.6mm wick suitable for the following Firefly Refillable Liquid Candles - Bliss, Bliss Petite, 2-, 3-, 5-Ounce Votives, Aura, Zen Petite, Transcend, Ethereal Oil Candles. These will NOT fit wine bottles nor tiki torches. If you are looking for a wine bottle wick, we do sell them. Visit our Store. 2.6mm is about 1/8" in diameter.

We recommend using premium fuels such as Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil, Safe and Green, Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil. Vegetable oils, mineral oil, alcohol, etc. should not be used.

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