FISHARE PE 4 & 8 Strands Moss Green Braided Fishing Line, 10 20 30 40 50 LB Sensitive Dark Green Fishing Lines, Super Performance Braided Line and Cost-Effective, Abrasion Resistant

Color: Moss Green
Size: 4Strands/50LB/1000M
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  • HIGHER QUALITY BUT LOWER PRICE - The mono strength-diameter of the high performance braided fishing line is available in 10lb-4.6kg-0.12mm-0.0047inch, 20lb-9.1kg-0.23mm-0.009inch, 30lb-14.1kg-0.28mm-0.011inch, 40lb-18.2kg-0.32mm-0.012inch, 50lb-22.7kg-0.36mm-0.014inch. The braid fishing lines' actual breaking strength will commonly well exceed their pound-test rating.
  • SMALLER DIAMETER - The braided fishing lines often have 1/3 to 1/4 the diameter of mono or fluorocarbon lines at a given test breaking strength. Therefore, it is easy to fit much longer braided line on a spool than mono-filament or fluorocarbon line for the same strength. This is very important for deep sea fishing, since reels don't have to be very big to accommodate long lines. Also, thin braided lines provide less resistance to sea currents.
  • COLOR FADING RESISTANCE - Unlike braid lines using water-based dyes that wear off easily and allow water to penetrate the fibers, the braided line utilizes an unique coating that is the best at preventing color fading and color loss, and increases UV resistance. This braided line contains smooth plait without burr and allow you to conveniently pass the lines through the rod guides for improved casting experience.
  • ZERO STRETCH & EXTREME SENSITIVITY - The braided lines have very little stretch, making fishing rigs very sensitive to fish bites. This is very important for both deep sea fishing and when targeting fish with a gentle bite. Your hook setting power increases dramatically giving you higher percentages of hookup ratio and fish landed.
  • WIDE APPLICATION AND 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Whether you fish for bass, trout, walleye, muskie or any other species, our line will perform great in freshwater, saltwater, surf fishing, ice fishing or bow fishing. We stand behind our products and services 100%! If for any reason you are less than 100% satisfied with the products we provide, please contact us and we will make things right.

Product Description

8 Reasons To Go Fishing
  • Recreation
  • Stress Relief
  • Self Fulfillment
  • Social Bonding
  • Health Benefits
  • Fishing for Food
  • Boost to the Economy
  • Contribute to Conservation


Better Quality, Higher Cost Performance

Braided line was one of the earliest types of fishing line, and in its modern incarnations it is still very popular in some situations because of its high knot strength, lack of stretch, and great overall power in relation to its diameter.

  • Long Lasting Color
  • Strong and Smooth
  • Extra Thin Diameter
  • Faster Cutting Water
  • Extremely Low Memory
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • High Sensitivity & Zero Stretch
  • All Weather &Environmental


Freshwater Fishing

FISHARE braided fishing line can be used for freshwater with the great features of fast cutting water, extremely low memory, extra thin diameter, smooth and high sensitivity.

Saltwater Fishing

FISHARE braided fishing line can be used for saltwater with the great features of higher abrasion resistance. With the special coating, it can protect the line from corrosion.

Ice Fishing

FISHARE fishing line can be used for ice fishing with the great features of all weather, super knot strength and zero stretch. It can help you catch more fish even in extreme weather.

Strands 4 Strands, 8 Strands 4 Strands, 8 Strands 4 Strands, 8 Strands 4 Strands, 8 Strands 4 Strands, 8 Strands 4 Strands, 8 Strands
Test LB Range 10-50LB 10-50LB 10-50LB 10-50LB 10-50LB 10-50LB
Spool Sizes 500Yds,1000Yds 300Yds,500Yds,1000Yds 300Yds,500Yds,1000Yds 300Yds,500Yds,1000Yds 300Yds,500Yds,1000Yds 300Yds,500Yds,1000Yds

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