Fishtrip Rod Tip Repair Kit Fishing Rod Tips Replacement Kit Stainless Steel Ceramic Guides Ring Fishing Pole Eyelets Repair Kit 20/60/70Pcs

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  • FishTrip Rod Tip Repair Kit: The fishing rod tips are made of stainless steel frame with ceramic ring, available in a total of 24 sizes, to meet the various types of fishing rods owned by professional anglers.Both freshwater and saltwater/sea fishing are available.
  • High Quality Fishing Pole Tip Repair Kit: The frame of the rod tip is stainless steel for durability and impact resistance. The smooth ceramic ring can prevent your fishing line from tangling and winding.A high-quality rod tip reduces damage to the line, making your fishing line less likely to be cut. Thereby reducing the risk of the big fish then escaping.
  • Easy Installation and Storage :The rod tip repair Kit Comes in many sizes and comes with a hot melt glue stick. No matter where you are, you can repair your fishing rod quickly and easily with the rod tips replacement kit. Comes with a plastic case for easy storage and portability.
  • Application: These fishing rod tips can be used for spinning rod, casting rod,lure rod and boat/raft rod etc. Because we have a full range of sizes.This rod tip repair kit can repair not only small to medium light poles but also large poles.
  • Please measure the size of the rod tip you need to repair before purchasing.Bring the old rod back to life! Wonderful rod tip tops for fishing lovers! If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact our customer service. We are always here to help you!

Product Description

FishTrip Rod Tip Repair Kit

Material: Stainless steel frame with ceramic ring.

Strong and durable, suitable for both saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing.

Tube inner diameter: 1.8mm~8.0mm.

Ring inner diameter: 3.8mm~10.5mm.

Fits most fishing rods

Free hot melt glue stick

Just heated it up with a lighter, dabbed some glue on the tip of the rod and the end of the new tip and put it on.

Storage box

We equip you with storage boxes that can be differentiated by size. Put it in your fishing tackle box and it won't scatter randomly. Allows you to repair your damaged fishing rod anytime, anywhere.

Hot melt glue

We have provided you with a hot melt glue stick about 5cm. So you don't need to buy glue separately. Help you save your cost and energy.

Ceramic ring

Eyelets are made with high quality ceramic rings to protect your fishing line. This reduces the risk of the line breaking while you are fishing.

Accessories Complete repair tools Complete repair tools Complete repair tools Complete repair tools Only hot melt glue
Uses Rod tip repair Rod tip and guides repair Rod tip and guides repair Fishing Rod repair Small and lightweight rods tip and guides repair Ceramic insert of rod guides repair
Fishing Rods Normal Normal Normal Normal Small & Lightweight Normal

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