FUCARE Libra 750W Electric Bike for Adults 32MPH 48V 15Ah/20Ah LG Lithium Battery Ebike with Full Suspension LCD Color Display 20"*4.0" All-Terrain Fat Tire SHIMANO 7 Speed Snow Commute Electric Bicycles

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  • 🎁【Special Note】The 20Ah LG battery Gray model is upgrade model for pre-sale and is expected to be delivered in February 2nd, so please pay special attention before purchasing.
  • 🚴‍♀️【Power System】The 750W motor can provide Libra with up to 31MPH speed (after lifting the speed limit) and 80N.m torque can make Libra go over 30° high slope, conquer most road conditions. Combined with the 48V 20Ah LG cells lithium battery, which provides you up to 70 miles range, the Libra's proven powertrain can accompany you treks and rides to challenges further afield. The Libra is equipped with a powertrain which has been approved by many Fucare users/owners over the past two years.
  • ✪【Patented Frame】Continuity the patented design frame of Fucare appearance style, Libra ebike has a thicker frame and multiple triangle structure. Larger force area and stable triangle structure means Libra e-bike has more bending resistance, shear strength, more stability and show better when it facing the same impact. Provide strong and reliable safety for Libra riders. The low-step frame design more inclusive of users, friendly for women, the elderly and people with knee problems for ride.
  • ★【Built for Comfortable Riding】 The bike is designed with the road challenges of commuting and long-distance travel in mind. The Libra is equipped with multiple shock absorbs, shock front forks, and dual side spring rear shocks, allowing the rider to be fully cushioned on bumpy roads. 52T large cogs for a more relaxed riding position.
  • ★【Guard your Safety Riding】 Libra electric bike braking system is a combination of power-off brake handlebars and disc brakes, which can quickly respond to braking commands. Shorter braking distance, get higher level of security. The headlight and taillight use LED lights and reflective stickers are placed in many places on the body to make the bike easy to catch in the dark, guaranteeing riders' safety in various environments.
  • ★【Thoughtful Service】Whole e-bike 85% pre-assembled, easy install after unpack. We provide unpack videos to guide you each step of the way after you receive your Libra, and specially placed removable installation guides for body parts. Allow you at ease to face the remaining 15% installation. Each Libra ebike comes with a 1 year warranty on the major components (motor, battery, meter). Our established service team can provide you with exclusive one on one service depending on your situation.

Product Description

Fucare NEW —— LIBRA Electric Bike

Since 2005, Steve has poured his youth and energy into the electric bike industry. From accessory design to system development, he was involved.

However, he gradually found that the design of electric bikes on the market lacked sufficient safety consideration, and the combination of thin frames and high-power motors made the rider's ride full of dangers.

In 2019 Steve and his Fucare team made an important decision, to develop a safe, strong and cool electric bike.

After three years of research and development, more than 10,000 miles of actual riding tests, and more than 300,000 vibration tests on the main frame, Fucare patented e-bike design, the LIBRA, finally went on sale in 2022.

The LIBRA electric system has been used in other series of Fucare e-bikes for the past two years, and its high quality has been tested by tens of thousands of consumers. In the past two years, many series of Fucare electric bikes have been highly recognized by Fucare users.

Patented frame

Following the Fucare appearance triangle structure style, with the design of the patented Libra frame, the tube part thickened 40%, the overall frame load-bearing capacity is greatly increased, the maximum load up to 400lbs, while stability, shear strength and bending strength to enhance the frame becomes stronger and more durable.

The special design of the low stride frame expresses friendliness to more people, the elderly and people with knee mobility problems can manage.

Full shock-absorbing design

The rear shock uses a double spring shock method, each shock travel up to 40mm, compared to a single rear shock effect is more excellent. With the shock fork, the whole bike shock effect pull full.

The seat bag with double shock airbags is specially selected to cushion the shock of bumps for the rider.

LCD color meter

The 4.9" large color meter with color differentiation of function areas and backlight technology allows you to easily read the information on the meter no matter what the environmental conditions are. With the large operation keys, it enhances the safety of gear adjustment during riding.

The side of the meter with USB charging, convenient for you to charge your phone at any time during the ride.

The LCD color meter contains 12 functions to adjust the power gears. The constant speed cruise mode frees your hand to press the throttle for a long time, and the walk mode makes it easier and less effort to push the bike. Single mileage and average speed allow you to check your riding status in real time for a period of time and know more about your riding changes.

SHIMANO 7 Gear System

SHIMANO shifting systems offer reliable and durable quality.

SHIMANO 7 gear allows for a more adjustable ride.

The inner side of the flywheel is additionally equipped with a chain guard disc to prevent the chain from falling off during severe bumps or gear shifts.

52T Crankset & KMC Rust-proof Chain

52T with double side chain guard discs. 52T allows the rider to increase speed more easily at low pedaling frequency. The chain guard on both sides of the disc can stabilize the chain drive attitude and prevent the chain from falling off, making your ride safer and more secure.

KMC anti-corrosion chain with high quality coating allows the chain to handle more extreme riding conditions and maintain the best working condition. (Please maintain the chain regularly)

F/R LED Lights & Safe Guard Design

  • Headlamp provides a wide range of illumination, provide a enough visibility which supports safe riding in low visibility conditions. Improves riding safety and comfort.

Patented design tail light

  • Riding light, in half brightness taillight as riding light makes the bike clearly visible in the dark.
  • Brake light, in full brightness taillight keeps the light strong when braking, effectively alerting the vehicle behind to maintain a safe driving distance.

Know Your Bike Specification

Motor specification 750W high speed brushless motor
Battery specification 48V 20Ah LG Li-ion battery (upgrade)
Suspension Specification Two rear spring shock absorb, Front suspension
Tire specification 20" × 4.0" All-terrain fat tire
Display specification 4.9" IP65 LCD display with USB port
Transmission System SHIMANO 7 speed
Capacity Recommend Within 400lbs
Unbox content 1* Fat tire electric bike, 1* Battery, 1* Charger, 1* Rear rack, 1* Front and rear fenders , 1* Tool set, 1* Bike lock, 1*Paint (spare refinish)

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