G2T Moai N1 Plus Portable 2 in 1 Electric Scarf Warming and Cooling Air Conditioner Body Temperature Adjusting Gadget (Power Bank Not Included)

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  • [Portable Convenient Wearable Neck Warmer] Works extremely well in the winter and for cold wave! G2T-N1 is able to heat up your neck and increase body temperature efficiently. Unlike other ordinary neck warming wrap, G2T-N1 provides with more compact size and design and helps you to keep your body warm at home, in the office, car, commuting and all other situations you can think of!
  • [Heating / Cooling] It's not a cooling fan. Plug into the USB port or connect to a power bank supply heating / cooling scarf that keeps the temperature at the set value with the temperature control technology. Since there are both cooling and heating mode, it can be used all year round. Room temperature / outside application temperature: -10 to +43 degrees. When you are on Turbo mode, G2T will drop by 15 ° C within 3 minutes. You can experience a -15 degree cool feeling right when you put it on.
  • [Energy Saving] Power supply connected is required while using it. Advanced technology improves equipment efficiency, softly conveys temperature, consumes only 12kWh per year without using refrigerant, and realizes significant energy saving.
  • [Flexible Size Range] S/M Size: 10.3 - 19.7 inch (26.3cm ~ 50cm) / L/XL Size: 11.8 - 21.1 inch (29.9cm ~ 53.6cm) around the neck. The size around the neck can be slightly adjusted with the adjustment knob located at the back of the scarf.
  • [Safety Design for Overcurrent or Overheating] In heating mode, if the temperature exceeds 45 degrees, the power will automatically cut-off. PLEASE NOTE this package does not include power bank (charger) due to IATA regulations / Power supply: 5V/2A DC, Micro USB. Warranty Period 1 Year.

Product Description

Fantastic product designed by Taiwanese firm Moai, the G2T Electric scarf is a lightweight neck accessory that serves as a portable air cooler / heater for your active life. It's perfect for biking, skiing, jogging and also recommended for travelers, elders, hard workers and people who have hypertension to stay healthy and comfort.

Cooling / heating Two functions :It can be used all year, regardless of the season.

Ergonomic design : Adjustable neck size for any person!

Energy saving : It consumes only 12kWh per year. When used in combination with G2T during cooling and heating, it can lower / increase body temperature and reduce power and gas by reducing air conditioning load.

With G2T, you can feel safe even when the heat waves and strong cold waves come. Summer: As soon as the neck cools down, it feels all over the body! ! Winter: Warm your neck every day and relax your muscles! !

Safe design for everyday use: With semiconductor temperature control technology, if the temperature is kept at the set value and the temperature exceeds 45 degrees, the power supply will shut down automatically. If the temperature subsequently drops by one degree, the power supply will restart automatically again.

Pros of mobile batteries: By removing the power supply, there is no over current or overheating for a long time.

Skin- friendly material

The heat-conducting part uses a skin-friendly cover to prevent skin roughness.

The Use of Cloth Covers

1. Some users may find the temperature conduction plates a little warm during heating mode.

2. We suggest using the protective covers to avoid direct contact to your skin.

3. Enjoy the warmth and comfort this scarf can bring you!

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