GDHXW X-884 Complete set box for car washing 3000 PSI High Pressure Snow Foam Lance Foam Cannon Foam Blaster M22 thread conversion adapter 5 Pressure Washer Nozzles Cleaning gloves

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  • Foam lance with 1/4" Quick Connector fitting. Capacity:0.22 Gallon(1L) . Pressure washer gun is Metric M22-14mm inner connector ( M22 adapter: you need to install it when your water pipe connector is M22-15mm). Cleaning gloves: you can scrub special parts of cars or dry up water stains.
  • Spray Nozzle has 5 different spray angle : Meet your need in different situations, such as watering flowers and plants, washing car, and can be attached to a quick-connect wand for swifter application and more.
  • Foam Lance core is made of quality brass.The main body is solid brass and is heavy. There are (2) adjustment's that allow you to dial-in the sprayer for any situation: top dial is for foam dispensing amount and the nozzle adjusts the spray pattern (wide to narrow).
  • Variable adjustable spray nozzle for accurate mixing and foam generation.Turn the top knob right / closed to get the thickest mixture, adjust the nozzle to get a proper spray pattern, and let it loose.
  • Multiple use: Car Washing, floors,Windows washing, Driveways Roofs Siding washing and so on.Ideal for enthusiast or professional use.It can be directly connected with the gun on the pressure washer gun.Please note: This product can't match the garden water pipe, because the garden water pipe can't provide the pressure that the product needs to work normally. This product must be connected to the hose of high-pressure washer to work normally.

Product Description

GDHXW is committed to adapt to various scenes of indoor and outdoor spraying tools and high-pressure cleaning tools, including various types of painting machine accessories, with high-quality product quality, good reputation to serve the needs of our customers.

Structural Composition of Fittings

Specifications of foam cannon

The size chart of the foam cannon. Its capacity is 1L.Its main parts and functions are shown in the figure.

Schematic diagram of foam cannon parts

This is the foam cannon parts engineering drawing. If you need to disassemble the product, please refer to the picture first and then disassemble and assemble it.

Connector model matching with water gun

PLEASE NOTE: please refer to the picture to check your hose connection before purchase. Garden hose does not match this product. You must have a high pressure cleaning machine to use this product.

If your hose connection is m22-15mm, you don't have to worry. This product package contains an adapter.

Function of each product

M22 Gun Model and Connector

Please refer to the installation of high pressure water gun interface size. If your hose joint model is M22-15mm, I provide you with M22 adapter, which can ensure that you have no matching trouble after purchasing the product.

Foam Cannon

rotate the sprinkler to get the foam mode you want.

5 Pressure Washer Nozzles

Various nozzle models can be adapted to different use scenarios.

Cleaning gloves

The glove is strong, fluffy and thick. Our company specially makes them for car washing, with a weight of 100g.

The size is large. It's comfortable and fast for cleaning.

which can remove dirt from the places where water guns can't reach the car.

Product Charm

Choose GDHXW and he will let you get what you want.Washing the car with this product is very easy to get the snow foam you need, so that you can wash the car and have fun.

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