Govee WiFi Water Sensor 3 Pack, 100dB Adjustable Alarm and App Alerts, Leak and Drip Alert with Email, for Home, Basement

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  • Real-time Alerts: Connect the gateway to WiFi, and it will instantly send emails, App notifications & alerts to your phone when water leakage occurs even you're not at home. Water sensors and gateway are paired right out of the box. Note: Doesn't support 5G WiFi.
  • Loud Alarm with Mute: If WiFi is not temporarily available, our 100dB alarm is loud enough to be heard. Press the Mute button to silence the alarm when you find the leak.
  • Drip and Leak Alerts: Water sensor comes with 2 groups of back water detector probes & 1 group of front probes for pipe dripping detection. Use the App to name each sensor with its location.
  • Connects to Multiple Sensors: WiFi connection gateway has a stronger and more stable signal transmission & lets you connect with multiple sensors simultaneously (10 max).
  • IP66 Waterproof : The completely sealed IP66 waterproof design allows for extended use in high moisture areas.

Product Description

Brand introduction

By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Govee smart home items are committed to offering a smarter way for you to experience daily life. Unbeatable quality and superior performance help protect what matters most.

Govee WiFi Water Leak Detector

Monitor Water Leakages on Your Phone!

Using the connection between the gateway, water sensors, and Govee Home App, you can monitor any leakages on your phone while you are away from home. There are no annoying wires, which makes monitoring even easier. You can also name each WiFi water sensor according to their location on the App. When a leak occurs, the sensors will not only sound a loud alarm, but email and App notifications will also be sent to your phone. You can clearly know where the leakage happened and deal with it in time.

  • Smart Govee Home App Monitor
  • Smart Battery Level Display
  • Supports Connection to 10 Water Sensors
  • Leakage Record on your Phone
  • Ultra-Loud 100 dB Alarm

How to Connect the Water Leak Detectors to Your Phone?

Open the App, Connect to H5040

After downloading 'Govee Home' from the App Store or Google Play to your phone, please open the App and sign up with your email account. Then click the icon '+' at the top right corner and select H5040 device.

Press the Pairing Button for 3 seconds

Press the pairing button for 3 seconds until the red and blue light flash alternately and then input the WiFi password on your phone. Please note any special characters, blank spaces, and so on.

Connect Your WiFi Gateway

Follow the app prompt to connect your WiFi "Govee_Gateway_xxxx" with your router (doesn't support 5G WiFi). Place the water sensors in the detecting location and name each water alert .eg. basement, kitchen. Then you can begin to monitor the water leakage on your phone!

Monitor Water Leakage on Your Phone

After a successful connection, you can place the sensors and start to monitor water leakage on your App. Note: Please ensure the App and your phone settings are set to allow "push" notifications. The gateway will not send push notifications if the leak happens again in 90 seconds.

WiFi Gateway Supports Up to 10 Leak Detectors

Compared with others, our Govee WiFi gateway connection design has a stronger and more stable signal transmission. It works as a bridge to connect your WiFi with multiple water sensors. It receives the water leakage info from the sensors when leaking happens and sends it to the Govee Home App on your phone.

Loud Adjustable Audible Alarm with Sensitive Sensor Probes

Sensitive Sensor Probes: With 2 groups of water detector probes on the back and one group of probes on the front, the water alarm will swiftly notify you about any water pipe dripping.

Loud Adjustable Audible Alarm: Ultra-loud adjustable 0-100 dB alarm allows you choose a comfortable sound level to detect any water leakage when WiFi is not available in your home.

Alert Volume 0-100 dB 0-100 dB 0-100 dB 0-100 dB
Battery Included
Add to Wifi Gateway
Come With Wifi Gateway YES NO NO NO

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