GUANLANT 4 Pack Shredder Bird Toys, Foraging Feeder Toys Treat Basket for Parrots, Conure Shredding Chewing Paper Toys, Hanging Cage Climbing Foot Toys with Bell for Parakeets Cockatiel African Grey

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  • Safe Materials Made: Includes bamboo basket, bamboo woven net, bamboo traps,crinkle papers, wooden beads sticks, and corn leaves.
  • Chewable & Shredding Toys: The bird toys filled with crinkle papers and bamboo traps. There're many joys to pull the paper out of the toys for your parrots.
  • Foraging Parrot Toys: You can hide foods treats in basket to provide much fun of foraging.
  • Hanging Climbing Toys: They come with metal quick links for easy installation, you can place them in bird cage ,travel cage,playground ,playstand or gym set. Provide essential feet and beak exercise
  • Help to prevent boredom and feather plucking. Keep your bird busy and mental health.

Product Description

GUANLANT 4 Pack Shredder Bird Cage Toys, Bird Treat Basket Feeder Parrot Shredding Foraging Chewing Toy for Small Medium Large Size Parrots

It’s important that birds have toys to chew shred and play. These colorful toys can help keep your birds entertained

These GUANLANT bird toys set is great for shredding, and you can hide treats in them to add more feeding fun

Different textures bring physical and mental stimulation to your birdie as they climb, perch, explore and chew

Colorful crinkle papers attract more birds' attention


  • Destroyed toys for parrots
  • Bird feeder toys for parrots
  • Nosie making toy for parrots
  • Climbing & swing toys for parrots
  • Bird busy toys
  • It can be placed on bird playground or gyms

Hide Treats in Basket

Hanging It on Birdcage or Playstand

DIY Foraging Pouch

Theme shredding,foraging,rotating,chewing,play swing,perch,play shredding ,foraging,chewing perch,bird food holder swing,climb,chewing,shredding
Bird Type Small,Medium,Large Small,Medium Small,Medium Small,Medium,Large Small,Medium

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