HERCULES Braided Fishing Line for Her, Abrasion Resistant Braid Fishing Line Saltwater and Freshwater, 8 Strands Super Cast Braid Fishing Line

Color: Camo Green
Size: 250lb/1.00mm/100m 109yds/8 STRANDS
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  • HERCULES braid fishing line is much stronger than most lines similar specs that stand up to abrasion and sharp teeth. You don't have to worry about losing a fish due to any line issue at all.
  • The flexibility of the fishing braided line allows for easier leading to smooth directional casting right where you want it and winds well on the casting reel spool with no problems with tangling.
  • The braid fishing lines are sensitive enough to feel the slightest tap at the end of the fishing line to increase your catch rate.
  • This braided fish line for any fishing need be it saltwater or freshwater with great strength and almost an invisix line in the water.
  • Compared to other brands' fishing line braid, HERCULES braided line allows you to put more line on the fishing reel due to its ​smaller diameter, fish with greater confidence.

Product Description

Stronger and Higher Abrasion Resistance

HERCULES braided line is easy to work with and holds up well under heavy use. The fishing line is extra strong, don't worry about the issue of it fraying from rubbing on rocks, lasts longer than fluorocarbon fishing line / monofilament fishing line.

Zero Stretch & High Sensitivity

The braided fishing line delivers much better sensitivity and almost zero stretches. You can easily feel every slight tap and fish bite at the end of the line to increase your catch rate.

Farther Casting, Fewer Tangles

Perfect for kinds of fishing rod and baitcaster reels, spinning reel, electric fishing reels, its castability allows you to get to places you never used to be able to get. No knots, no tangling, makes your fishing life easier.

Faster Cutting Water

The thinner, smoother, stronger braided fishing line makes it easy to cut water faster. And it allows the catfish bait to reach the target water layer more quickly to catch the fish.

Variety Colors

HERCULES provide various colors to choose from for different applications. This fishing braid is perfect for inshore, jetties, surf fishing, shark fishing, ice fishing, bass fishing, carp fishing, saltwater fishing.

All-weather and Environmental

It's perfect for inshore, jetties, surf fishing, shark fishing, ice fishing...It is the perfect fishing gear for the toughest fishing conditions.

Use for Multiple Species

Durable, stronger, thinner, smoother, all of these qualities make it more suitable for all kinds of fishing, just pick the right size.

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